Meelu Meelu – hand knitted alpaca wool clothes and sleeping bags for baby

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Some lucky kids have a knitter in the family; maybe it’s an auntie who whips up bunting sacks and beanies in a flash, or a dad who learned from his nan and who can knit amazing hoodies with dinosaur spikes.

For everyone else, there’s Meelu Meelu, a line of divine knitted garments for babies and toddlers.

MeeluMeelu - hat

Clothes by Meelu Meelu are all lovingly hand knitted by a mum from Lithuania. She started the brand a few months after the birth of her daughter because she wanted to surround her baby with eco-friendly garments and toys.

Meelu Meelu jumpers, hats and baby gear are made from alpaca wool that’s untreated, which means that it’s washed, rather than being exposed to chemical treatments before the dyeing process. It’s soft, warm and durable, and unlike sheep’s wool, it has no lanolin, so it’s hypoallergenic and perfect for delicate new skin.

MeeluMeelu - hooded cardie

There are darling bunting sacks ($176) in oatmeal or cream that are easy to pull onto a wiggly newborn, and have a slit so baby can be easily clipped into the car seat or pram.

The classic double-breasted, hooded cardigan ($121) is gorgeous in a simple garter stitch with a shawl collar and turned up sleeves. It comes in a cream coloured alpaca wool.

MeeluMeelu - cardie

For older kids, there’s a Milk Moustache cardigan ($121) in brown or cream with raglan style detailing at the shoulder and a neat row of coconut buttons. The slightly turned up collar is lovely and warm for those who refuse to wear bulky coats even when the wind is bitingly cold.

Have a look at the full Meelu Meelu offering on Etsy. Shipping to Australia is available.


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