10 easy DIY Halloween costume ideas to make for the kids

It’s October, folks, which means it’s Halloween time. Love it or hate, you probably won’t be able to escape it if you have kids, so we’re here to help you make one helluva costume for your little one. I hope you have as much fun reading this post as I did finding the adorable images!

First up is the cutest idea you’ll ever see. A popcorn stand attendant mother and her munchkin little box of popcorn! Who knew that a Baby Bjorn, a red bow tie, a bit of felt and some leftover popcorn could be so versatile? This one, courtesy of Pepper & Buttons, will have everyone swooning and is sure to get you the most memorable Halloween snap you’ll ever take. There are no instructions on the website but I think it’s pretty easy to work out how to do it.

zebra and tiger DIY halloween costume

This zebra and tiger idea is for all the parents out there who forgot about Halloween dress-up day at school – because you can easily whip it together in one night. You just find some of your kids’ plain dark clothes (or duck down for a late-night Target shop) and get some coloured duct tape from Bunnings. Copy the patterns from the pic above and thank Handmade Charlotte for the idea.

Garden nome DIY halloween costume

I’ve never seen a garden gnome costume before so I simply had to add this one. What a great idea! And easy too. Adventure-in-a-box has full instructions to help you out but basically, all you’ll need is an over-sized jumper, some red and white felt, a pair of bulky pants, some high boots, big buttons and old belt – a fair bit of which you’ll have around the house. This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Wind-up doll Halloween costume

Vintage lovers – and me! – this one’s for you. I just love it. Check out DIY Network, which shows you how to easily make the key out of cardboard and add elastic straps to keep it on. Then, all you’ll need to do is find some vintage-looking clothes and add the finishing red cheeks and ribbon to your little cherub. So simple yet so effective.

Clark kent DIY halloween costume

If you were a sucker for the whole Lois Lane/Clark Kent fiasco then this costume will bring back a whole lot of fun memories. The fabulous idea, courtesy of Geek Tyrant, comes with no instructions but, really, you don’t them! Find a suit, a superman costume and a pair of glasses and your little one is ready to rock – or save the world. Whatever floats your boat.

DIY robot halloween costume

Got boxes lying around? Well then you’re halfway there with this one. The Boogie Bot 5000 (or whatever you’d like to call yours) is made with boxes, spray paint and a few bits and bobs from a hardware shop – ie dryer duct and tap handles! I found this cute idea – and some instructions to help you out – on aptly named little site Make.

Cat DIY halloween costume

Oh my. Toddler photos don’t come and sweeter than this. If you’re picturing your little girl in this adorable little black cat costume, head to Do it Yourself Divas for some handy tips. A bit of wire coat hanger for the tail is about as tricky as it gets. What a winner. I’m still slightly speechless at how cute this pic is.

Super mario brothers DIY halloween costume

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. so it just had to make it on my list. Particularly when I saw how great – and simple – the costumes are! This one’s just the thing for a couple of siblings who want to dress up together. Head to Instructables for – yep, you guessed it – instructions.

Where's Wally DIY Halloween costume

While we’re on the old-school theme, let’s take another trip down memory lane with a Where’s Wally costume. What an idea! Repeat Crafter Me has all the details so it’s over to you. Just make sure you don’t lose your Wally in the crowd!

Skeleton halloween costume

Ah, the old skeleton costume. Just in case you’re in a real last-minute pickle and want something super simple, I’ve popped it in as a reminder. It’s always a goodie. DIY Del Ray featured this pic and had the great idea of Googling ‘DIY skeleton’ to find a stencil to use on tracing paper. Sometimes the simplest of ideas are most effective.

Well, that’s it from me. Time for you to get crafty!

popcorn baby

Angie Hanke

Angie Hanke

Angie worked in corporate communications before having her daughter and deciding to throw caution to the wind and pursue a writing career. She enjoys playing with her little munchkin and hanging out with friends and family. She also loves writing poetry about motherhood, even though she knows it makes her a big soppy dork!

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