Mum of baby critically injured after fall from bed warns other parents

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Baby Colton was 6 months old when his parents, Paige Ferguson and Blake Linton, popped him into the middle of their friends’ queen-sized bed for a sleep.

“We heard him hit the floor”

Paige put pillows around the little boy to make sure he stayed contained and retreated to a room just next door, where she could keep an ear out for her little guy. It was a decision – one that countless parents have no doubt made plenty of times – that would change their lives.

“We heard him hit the floor, and immediately start to cry,” Paige told parenting site Babble, remembering that fateful day. “Blake dropped everything and flew into the room to get him.”

Colton was crying and had a bump on his head, but he settled quickly and seemed alert and happy, even smiling at his mum and dad.

Mother’s instinct

A vigilant and intuitive Paige wanted to be sure that Colton really was okay, heading to the hospital for a quick check-up to set her mind at ease. When they arrived, Colton was given a CT scan – and promptly began vomiting.

“[The doctor] told us that Colton did have a fracture, and there was some blood on his brain. And it’s crazy because even in that moment, I thought he would be okay. I thought ‘OK, they can fix this. It’s going to be okay. He’s tough. He’s got this,'” Paige told Babble.

But things escalated quickly, with close to twenty medics working on the little boy and a helicopter dispatched to transfer him to a bigger hospital.

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Not just a bump on the head

As staff warned the little boy would most likely pass away, a distressed Paige blamed herself. Of course, this was just an accident, but as Colton was worked on by the medical team, Paige went over and over what happened.

Paige explained that the bump to Colton’s head had resulted in a brain bleed, which caused him to go into cardiac arrest. The next four weeks were spent with the little boy critically ill in hospital, undergoing tests and various treatments, with a prognosis of a “vegetative state” at best.

Amazingly, despite expert predictions otherwise, Colton began to breathe on his own after a month in hospital. A week later, he opened his eyes. Paige and Blake were then able to take him home, but their baby has some unique health challenges now, needing be medicated to prevent seizures and fed via a feeding tube.

Needless to say, his beautiful family are committed to helping this little guy reach his full potential.

I have really been contemplating posting this. But, i need Colton to be an advocate. I need people to realize the…

Posted by Paige Ferguson on Monday, 19 March 2018

“He wasn’t fine”

As Colton makes slow but steady improvements, his mum and dad are now trying to come to terms with what unfolded and their current circumstances. They want to share what happened to their baby who “seemed fine” in the wake of a fall, in the hope that they can prevent a similar accident.

“Colton is our world; our life,” Paige says. “We wouldn’t in a million years have done anything that we thought could harm our child. But I am finally letting go of some of the guilt about the accident, and even though I know people will judge me, I’ll take it all, if by sharing Colton’s story, we can save even one life.”

Paige warns parents and carers never to leave babies unattended on adult beds, and to always seek medical attention after a bump to the head.

“Please do not leave your baby on a bed unattended, no matter how safe you feel they are; not even for a split second. If your child sustains a bump to the head, be safe and get them evaluated. Demand a CT. Don’t listen to old wives’ tales that tell you if they will be fine or not; let the doctors do that. Colton cried, and even smiled, but he wasn’t fine.”

Warning other families

Colton is now 7 months old and undergoing treatment and therapies to help him make the most of life. Meanwhile his motivated and brilliant parents – who made a nap-time choice many, many other parents have made – are determined to prevent this from happening to another family.

“I will continue to share Colton’s story to ensure that no family ever has to feel or go through what we have in the past month or so,” Paige said earlier today.

We wish this family all the best, and so much love and support as they find their new normal and look after their little boy.


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