7 things you can do to help keep your family safe from the flu

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With many families closely watching news reports of serious flu cases – and even tragic fatalities – it’s a good time to brush up on some basic flu-fighting tips in the hopes of keeping everybody safe.

The highly contagious flu is a type of viral infection, spread by contact with fluids from coughs and sneezes. It can lead to life-threatening complications, like pneumonia, and is obviously best avoided. Here’s some flu-busting tips, in the hopes of doing just that.

7. Keep it clean! Make it sparkle!

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Good old cleaning - especially bathrooms, toilets and kitchens - can help to eradicate germs and keep your family as healthy as poss. The same goes for things like sponges, kitchen cloths and towels - replace sponges very often and hot wash cloths and towels with a product containing activated oxygen bleach to kill flu and other bugs. Keep it clean and bug free, and hopefully your home will be flu-free too. Fingers crossed!


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