Mini Christmas pudding recipe

An oldie but a goody, mini Christmas puddings made from chocolate marshmallow filled biscuits are a fun festive treat for kids (and kids at heart)!

There’s barely any cooking involved with this recipe, it’s more a test of assembly and balance. That said – if you have young children helping, spare them the heartache of balancing a Jaffa and replace it with a flat sided red Smartie. Their shape is much easier for little fingers to balance on top of an Arnott’s Royal biscuit.



1 packet of Arnott’s Royals biscuits
200g white chocolate
Spearmint leaf lollies


  • Place the biscuits on a tray with plenty of space between them. Put them in the fridge to cool while you cut small leaf shapes from the spearmint leaves. A clean pair of kitchen scissors is highly recommended!


  • Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over a double boiler or in short 20 second bursts in the microwave, stirring furiously between each burst. Let it cool off so it’s barely warm and spoon it into a small zip-lock bag as a makeshift piping bag.


  • Retrieve the biscuits out of the fridge and snip a tiny, tiny corner off the chocolate piping bag. Drizzle it over the top of the biscuit so it drips down the sides a little to resemble real-life custard. Cute!


  • Let the chocolate set a little (no longer than a minute) and add the Jaffa on top and the mint leaf. And there you have it, a mini pudding!


Fantastic for gifts or an after dinner treat, there are 12 Arnott’s Royal biscuits to a packet, and you could easily do two packets with this amount of chocolate.

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