Breakfast on the go, banana and blueberry smoothie recipe

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Are the kids in just too much of a hurry in the morning to sit and eat breakfast? The ultimate on-the-go breakfast is a fruit smoothie – and you can bet even the non-fruit eaters will slurp this one up in no time!

Admittedly, smoothies are great anytime of the day, but if we have to be somewhere early, this is my go-to for breakfast while commuting. The secret to a frothy, thick smoothie is frozen fruit or ice, so as long as your freezer is stocked, you can enjoy all the fruits, no matter the season.


1 cup frozen blueberries
½ a large banana, frozen
½ cup Greek yoghurt
½ cup milk
1 tbs honey
¼ tsp vanilla bean paste


  • Put all ingredients into the blender. Whizz at full speed for a minute.

  • Scrape down the sides and give another quick blitz to make sure there are no frozen lumps left.

  • Divide between two glasses. Serve immediately!

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