This photo of Chrissy Teigen at the supermarket is relatable, but is it fair?

Chrissy and Luna

Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna were snapped doing their grocery shopping, and while the grainy shot proves that even Sports Illustrated models have a domestic to-do list, many are wondering if the paparazzi are taking things way, way too far.

Secret shots

An unsuspecting (and pregnant) Chrissy was captured in the dairy aisle, with trolley piled high and one-year-old Luna surveying the scene. It’s very clear that the pair don’t know they’re being photographed – and the quality of the shot suggests it was taken by an amateur or from quite some distance.

Chrissy posted the image to her Instagram account, semi-jokingly declaring the grocery store a sacred space and the contents of her trolley even more so. She explained that she’d always thought these kinds of tabloid photos were staged, but now realises it’s actually authentic, the gutter press doing their intrusive gutter thing with no consideration of boundaries or privacy – even when kids are involved.

“I used to assume people who got photographed in grocery stores weren’t really buying stuff they like and were getting paid for something but turns out the paps actually come inside the grocery store and capture your most intimate grocery cart items this is a travesty #TOOINTIMATE#KEEPCARTSPRIVATE #SACREDSPACE

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I love her love of all creatures

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Let the scrutiny begin

Many followers empathised with Chrissy’s frustration, but others semi-missed the point and were keen to talk about what was in Chrissy’s cart, scrutinising what she thought was a private moment with her daughter.

“Cap’n crunch! My favorite pregnancy craving. Get it girl!!” one woman enthused.

Some people were keen to tell Chrissy she’s doing shopping wrong.

“Gurrrll yo eggs better not be on there sides!” one scrutinised. (sic)

“Chrissy I love u but ur cart is so messy that it actually makes me cringe,” another judged.

Some perceptive followers glimpsed the frustration behind Chrissy’s call for sacred shopping space – and totally sympathised.

“That is so sad! It’s ridiculous that you can’t even shop with your child without getting harassed,” one commenter wrote.

“I’m so sorry your privacy is violated in such a manner. Can’t even shop in peace!” another agreed.

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sour patch takes new york!

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Won’t somebody think of the children

Chrissy’s usually super happy to share photos and video of her daughter Luna, when she’s controlling the narrative herself. But this is a whole other can of worms. There’s no choice involved here.

It’s clear that this sort of stalking-for-profit is an unwelcome development and while admittedly Chrissy’s speaking out against intrusion in general, the fact that Luna’s involved must add an extra layer of frustration.

Chrissy’s not the only high-profile parent who’s had enough of being snapped by photographers. George Clooney recently took action against paparazzi who invaded the grounds of the home he shares with wife Amal and their baby twins.

“Make no mistake—the photographers, the agency and the magazine will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” George said in a statement obtained by E! News. “The safety of our children demands it.”

The No Kids Policy

Actor Kristen Bell is another famous mum who’s vocal about what she agrees are “the pedorazzi”. She and husband Dax Shepard launched the #NoKidsPolicy asking media to promise not to publish photographs of celebs’ children without their parents’ permission after revealing their baby was being “terrorised” by the paps.

“Parents sign a permission slip for their child to be photographed at their school. I don’t see this as any different,” Bell says.

Lots of other entertainment industry identities have joined the #NoKidsPolicy push including Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Poehler, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson.

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Global push

In Australia, author and commentator Tara Moss has called for this #NoKidsPolicy to be adopted locally and for kids to be off-limits in the wake of her own experience with these intrusive types.  

“The article names her and identifies her as my daughter. In the photographs it is clear that we have no idea we are being watched or photographed …  I also have concerns about the wider issue of selling unauthorised images of children, and the market for such images.”

Tara’s published an excellently researched piece on the paparazzi practices – and how they impact public figures and their families. You can read that here.

It’s obvious that, as Kristen Bell put it – “being hunted” – takes a terrible toll on these famous mums and dads. We hope that this practice is stamped out once and for all, asap.  

While many assert this is part and parcel of the celebrity caper, surely a line in the sand must be drawn? Surely this is going too far? Surely everyone deserves privacy, at least some of the time?

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