The following terms and conditions apply to all activity booked with Babyology:

  • Babyology reserves the right to amend copy for length, clarity, SEO, spam requirements and to comply with editorial policy.
  • Babyology does not allow for re-targeting pixels or “trojan” cookies.
  • Babyology cannot guarantee any order will be fulfilled until a invoice payment or signed insertion order is received. Inventory will not be guaranteed until availability has been confirmed upon receipt of a signed IO.
  • The click through rate with advertising on Babyology is dependent on many factors – creative, message, offering etc and any estimates given by Babyology are just that.
  • Please review the Babyology Style Guide to assist you putting together your creative.
  • If you need assistance in getting your creative organised, please email our Creative Designer Stefania Boniolo at studio@stefboniolo.net
  • Rich Media must be third party ad served.
  • We don’t allow competitions to be promoted through advertising on Babyology without prior approval.
  • Invoice Payment is due within 7 days of invoice date or 48hrs prior to the date of the first promotion, whichever comes first.  If payment is not received within the indicated timeframes, your campaign will be postponed indefinitely until such time as payment can be made and re-scheduling can commence.  Interest may be charged in special circumstances on delay of payment.  The following interest rates may apply:

0-7 Days overdue 0.2% calculated and applied daily
7-14 Days overdue 0.4% calculated and applied daily
14-30 Days overdue 1.0% calculated and applied daily
Over 30 Days overdue 1.5% calculated and applied daily

  • Every advertisement submitted for publication is subject to approval.
  • Creative that does not meet the specifications listed above will be refused and will need to be resupplied by the due date.
  • If you submit artwork past the due date and you may forfeit your date and will need to re-book once the artwork is approved.
  • Babyology does not accept any usage liability for images published; and that all image license agreements have been entered into by the Advertiser, prior to commencing promotions.
  • We ask that you choose your dates very carefully and if you choose to change your date and/or do not make payment in time, there will be a rescheduling fee of $50
  • Babyology may at its absolute discretion at any time refuse to publish or distribute any advertisement without giving any reason (in which case, no charge to the advertiser will be incurred).
  • All sponsored social media posts will be labeled with “(SP)” as per the IAB online advertising guidelines.
  • In special circumstances, we may supply you with a ‘preview’ of the editorial or social media broadcast, however, please note that this is only in exceptional circumstances.  We will allow one set of minor changes to the text as requested (and approved), however, for every additional change request a fee of $50 will be incurred.
  • All paid campaign deliverables are to be booked and published within 12 months of your invoice date.  If you have not fulfilled your placements within the 12 months, then you will forfeit any unused campaign placements.
  • Campaign reporting standards.
    • For campaigns with a duration of 30 days and over:
      • 30 days from first date of live publication and monthly thereafter, unless otherwise agreed.
    • For campaigns with a duration of under 30 days:
      • A report will be delivered within 14 days of the last live publication or deliverable.
  • Cancellation of any advertisement or campaign must be received in writing no later than 21 days prior to the commencement of a campaign in order to receive a 100% refund. Any cancellations made after this time will be subject to a minimum cancellation fee of 100% of the total cost of the entire campaign. Campaigns cancelled at the request of the advertiser after the campaign has commenced will not be entitled to a refund of any unused portion of the campaign.

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