Fortnightly Competition

The following terms and conditions apply to website competition bookings made with Babyology:

  • Creative is due four weeks before the live date. Penalties apply for late delivery, and may result in a change of date or additional fees. See terms and conditions for details.
  • Your competition will run for 14 days, beginning the 7th or 14th of the month you book.
  • Your competition will require Managing Editor’s approval before it is set live on Babyology.
  • All entrants will be required to sign up to the Babyology Newsletter.
  • Winner/s will be notified by email by Babyology within 7 working days of the competition end date.
  • The sponsor is responsible to send the prize to the nominated winner within the pre-advised timeframe (as per the terms and conditions).
  • Minimum prize value of $200.
  • You must pay for shipping of all prizes to the winners (anywhere in Australia).
  • Babyology chooses the winners.
  • Babyology will retain full editorial and creative control for the competition.
  • Babyology will retain control of promotional positions throughout the competition via our media channels.
  • To enter the competition readers will have to answer a question about your product to encourage readers to visit your website.
  • Sponsors will be chosen based on suitability, image quality and prize value.
  • The invoice must be paid in full to participate and be given a date for your competition.

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