Babyology style guide for sponsored posts


Babyology has a talented team of writers who can put together sponsored posts telling our readers all about your service, business or product. Here are some things our writers will need from you when they are assigned a post to ensure that it meets our high standards and yours.


The more information you can provide to our writers, the better, as that saves us having to come back to you with possible questions. The writer will sift through the material and make a professional judgement about what to include, what to condense and what to leave out, especially if space is an issue. If there is something that is particularly important, please specify so our writing team know to include it.

  • If the post is a store feature, and there are particular products you would like to highlight, please list them and provide links to the relevant products in your store.
  • If you are a supplier promoting a specific product or brand, please provide a list of your preferred retailers with links to your products on their sites.
  • Please check links to make sure they work so that your post does not direct potential customers to a dead URL. If links to specific items are not provided or not available at time of writing, we will use the main URL link to your site.
  • It is not our usual practise to include information about sales or to offer discount codes and the like in posts. Instead, we have a special reader offer newsletter that goes out regularly where sales and codes can be promoted.


Pictures are important, because most often it is the picture that encourages our readers to click on your sponsored post, so professionally shot images are preferred. The preference is to supply our writing team with horizontal images wherever possible, as this is the signature style for a Babyology  post.

  • Please provide images as medium or high-res jpegs of 1000 pixels wide and without any branding or corporate logos. No low-res images please.
  • For product images, lifestyle shots where possible rather than static product shots. If only vertical images are available, be aware that we may have to crop images to fit a horizontal shape, as shown below.


The first image in a post is automatically selected to feature on our Facebook link to the post. The dimensions for Facebook images are tighter again – 600pixels x 314 pixels – and are automatically cropped so please be mindful of that when selecting images for us.


 Other things to know

  • We can embed video into a post from sources including YouTube or Vimeo, but unfortunately are not able to host video for you.
  • We can include one social media link – including to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like – within the post and other links must be to your store or to regular pages/ product pages.
  • Set production and writing deadlines are important and, unless there are exceptional circumstances, need to be adhered to so that our writing team can do the best job possible for you.
  • Normal Babyology style guidelines apply to the writing of each sponsored post for consistency so that – apart from notification of sponsorship – they are the same as our  regular posts.
  • All sponsored posts carry a line at the end to let our readers know that the post has been sponsored. It will appear like this in the last paragraph of your post (This post is sponsored by your company/ brand name) and on Facebook like so:


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