Advertising specifications – Social Media


Creative requirements

  1. Message: One or two sentences (max. of 35 words), preferably conversational and inviting readers to interact via a question. Example…
    • ‘What did you look for when selecting a nappy bag?…’
    • ‘Do you love this cubby as much as I do?…’
    • ‘Have you recently had a new baby?…’
    • ‘What do you look for when choosing the perfect newborn baby gift?…’
    • ‘Have you heard..’
    • ‘Do you need..’
    • ‘Do you love..’
    • ‘What do you think..’
    • ‘What do you look for…’
    • ‘Which is your favourite..’
  2. Image: JPG or PNG; Ideal size: 1200×900. File size – max 512kb. High quality lifestyle imagery and in-situ product images perform the best with the Babyology audience. No logos or text except on products in the image.
  3. URL: Click through URL (website link including the https:// part)
  4. Tag: @mention (tag your Facebook page) if required

Maximising engagement


Photo posts get 39% more interaction

more engaging Facebook page - image posts

Shorter posts get 23% more interaction

more engaging Facebook page - track social short posts

Using emoticons increases comments by 33%

more engaging Facebook page - emoticons

Question posts get 100% more comments

more engaging Facebook page - questions 1

Certain types of questions get more comments

more engaging Facebook page - questions 2

Creative examples



Creative requirements

  1. Twitter Message: up to 140 characters (including link, @mention and hashtags)
  2. Tag: @mention (tag your Twitter page) if required
  3. URL: Click through url if required. Consider using a link shortener such as
  4. Images: Are not recommended. If included, they affect the character count of your post, so characters will need to be cut.

Creative examples


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