It’s a Book Week giveaway! Win a year of books for you and your fave daycare

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There’s a lot to get excited about for Book Week! And no one is more excited than Kinderling Kids Radio – they love the costumes, the chance to hear about everyone’s favourite stories, and pulling out all the trusty old favourite books to reread as well!

So to celebrate the wonderful world of children’s books, they’ve collected up all 52 Story of the Week books they’ve played on Kinderling in the past year to make one MEGA giveaway. For a full list of books included, scroll to the bottom of this page.

For your chance to win this fab prize, simply fill out the form below and tell us which daycare centre or preschool you would like to win these books for, and why.

If you win, you’ll also receive a special prize pack of seven of our favourite books for you and your family to keep at home!

Kinderling Book Week Competition 2019

The 52-book prize for your daycare / playgroup includes: 

Listed in alphabetical order:

  1. All Monkeys Love Bananas by Sean E. Avery
  2. All The Ways To Be Smart by Davina Bell & Allison Colpoys
  3. Also An Octopus by Maggie Tokuda Hall & Benji Davies
  4. At My Family Table by Mandy dos Santos 
  5. Bat vs Poss by Alexa Moses
  6. B is for Baby by Atinuke & Angela Brooksbank
  7. Colouroos by Anna McGregor
  8. Engibear’s Dream by Andrew King
  9. Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees
  10. Go Go and the Silver Shoes by Jane Godwin & Anna Walker
  11. How Big Are Your Worries Little Bear? By Jayneen Sanders
  12. How Many Dinosaurs Deep? By Ben Kitchin
  13. Indigo Solves The Pzulze by Wendy Fitzgerald
  14. It’s Hard To Love A Tiger by Anna Pignataro 
  15. It’s Not Scribble to Me by Kate Ritchie
  16. Kissed By The Moon by Alison Lester
  17. Koala by Claire Saxby & Julie Vivas
  18. Leonard The Lyrebird by Jodie McLeod & Eloise Short
  19. Lights Out, Leonard by Josh Pyke
  20. Macca The Alpaca by Matt Cosgrove
  21. More and More AND MORE by Ian Mutch 
  22. Mr Mo Starts To Grow by Laura Stitzel
  23. Mum At School by Eric Veille & Pauline Martin
  24. My Culture and Me by Gregg Dreise
  25. My Dad Is A Robot by Matt Cosgrove 
  26. My Nanna Is A Ninja by Damon Young
  27. My Pop is a Pirate by Damon Young
  28. My Sister Is A Superhero by Damon Young 
  29. Oi Duck-Billed Platypus by Kes Gray & Jim Field 
  30. On The First Day Of School by P. Crumble & Dean Rankine
  31. Once Upon A Small Rhinoceros by Meg McKinlay 
  32. Pig The Fibber by Aaron Blabey
  33. Pig The Grub by Aaron Blabey
  34. Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival 
  35. Robin DeNiro: What Will I Be? By Cristopher Doyle 
  36. Room On Our Rock by Kate & Jol Temple
  37. Saved!!! by Lydia Williams
  38. So She Did by Simi Genziuk 
  39. Speak Chinese, Fang Fang! By Sally Rippin 
  40. The Penguins Are Coming by Meg McKinlay 
  41. The Travel Bug by Benjamin Gilmour & James Gulliver Hancock 
  42. Thelma The Unicorn by Aaron Blabey
  43. Tricky’s Bad Day by Alison Lester 
  44. There’s a Baddie Running Through This Book by Shelly Unwin 
  45. Unicorn! By Maggie Hutchings
  46. Want To Play Trucks? By Ann Stott & Bob Graham
  47. We Are All Equal by P. Crumble & Jonathan Bentley
  48. Where Is The Green Sheep? Mem Fox & Jody Horacek
  49. Wide Big World by Maxine Beneba Clarke
  50. Wilam: A Birrung Story by Aunty Joy Murphy & Andrew Kelly 
  51. Wrestle! By charlotte Mars, Maya Newell & Gus Skattebol-James 
  52. Zoo House by Heath McKenzie

The 7-book prize for you includes:

  1. All The Ways To Be Smart by Davina Bell & Allison Colpoys
  2. Go Go and the Silver Shoes by Jane Godwin & Anna Walker
  3. It’s Not Scribble to Me by Kate Ritchie
  4. My Culture and Me by Gregg Dreise
  5. Pig The Grub by Aaron Blabey
  6. Tricky’s Bad Day by Alison Lester 
  7. Room On Our Rock by Kate & Jol Temple

Special thanks…

With thanks to the following publishers Affirm Press, Allen & Unwin, Berbay Publishing, Bloomsbury, Educate2Empower Publishing, Fremantle Press, Hardie Grant Egmont, Little Steps Publishing, New Frontier Publishing, Pan Macmillan, Penguin Random House Australia, Scholastic Australia, University of Queensland Press, and Walker Books!


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