1. Festive silly putty recipe

    Christmas is on the way and it’s time to have some festive fun! Try this slimy silly putty recipe on for size, there’s lots of fun to be had in both making it and playing with it!

  2. Paper Christmas baubles

    These pretty paper baubles make a lovely homemade gift for friends and relatives at Christmas time. Add one to the top of each gift for a nice homey touch to your Christmas giving.

  3. 8 beautiful advent calendars you can DIY

    Advent calendars run the gamut from grocery store versions with chocolate hidden behind little windows to heirlooms that Nana made for your first Christmas. We love the idea of something a little special, and these DIY advent calendars are just that. Whether you’re a DIY pro

  4. The best 10 paper snowflakes you can DIY for Christmas

    Australian Christmas couldn’t be further from white, and yet somehow Christmas doesn’t feel right without cold weather decorations. In the spirit of cold weather, we’ve rounded up our favourite craft snowflake tutorials. Some are for traditional white paper snowflakes, others are made from found objects,

  5. Paper plate Santa craft

    When it comes to toddler crafts, paper plates are the craft material that keeps on giving. Who knew you could even make a Santa face out of a paper plate? Cut out all the pieces and let your toddler put Santa together.

  6. Paddle pop stick Christmas tree

    This is a cute Christmas project for a crafternoon with your toddler. Just cut the sticks to size and let your little one colour, assemble and decorate their own tree!  When it’s finished, you’ve also got a homemade Christmas tree decoration. Win/win.

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