1. Chicken tray bake recipe

    This simple chicken tray bake really is the ultimate easy family dinner, all you need to do is add the ingredients to a baking dish and pop it into the oven – how simple is that!  If you are feeding a crowd, you can also

  2. Strawberry cupcakes recipe

    Make the most of in-season strawberries with this delicious (and simple!) strawberry cupcakes recipe. These strawberry cupcakes can also be frozen, making them great for children’s lunch boxes.

  3. Pear and apple crumble recipe

    This easy apple and pear crumble recipe makes a great family dessert (or even a special breakfast!) and you can have it ready to enjoy in just one hour. Although I usually try to have an even mixture of apples and pears, you can alter

  4. Chocolate custard recipe

    This homemade chocolate custard recipe makes a great midweek dessert or snack for the kids, and it’s perfect on its own or served with some fresh banana or strawberry pieces. This recipe makes enough to feed my three young boys and it will also serve

  5. Oat and raisin biscuits recipe

    For a filling and yummy snack, you can’t go past this oat and raisin biscuit recipe! Prepare the biscuit mixture up to a day in advance (making these great to serve at a party). They will then keep for up to one week in an

  6. Vegetable fritter recipe

    If you are looking for a great way to up your families vegetable intake, this vegetable fritter recipe is for you! These easy vegetable fritters are packed with flavour (and veggies!) and they make a great easy meal or lunchbox snack. You can also use

  7. Polenta chips recipe

    These easy polenta chips are a much healthier (and delicious!) alternative to regular potato chips and they also make a great side or snack for the entire family. You can also make these polenta chips in advance and freeze them until needed. Just pop them

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