Babyology to launch subscription boxes; plus how you can reach our audience with your brand


In an exciting new development, Babyology is set to launch quarterly subscription boxes direct to the homes of our audience. Babyology Founder and Managing Editor, Mandi Gunsberger says the boxes are a fantastic way to extend the Babyology brand beyond the screen and into the homes of our audience.

“Babyology has been a leading website in the parenting category for nine years, and launching a subscription box is the perfect opportunity to engage with our audience on a more intimate level,” she says.

The first subscription box is in production and will be ready to be delivered to subscribers in early December. The first box contains premium products for mums, expectant mums and babies and can be ordered directly from Babyology Box.

“The team at Babyology have worked hard to secure partnerships with valued clients, creating a gift that is perceived by our audience to be of the very best quality. We are delighted to be giving our audience a premium experience, whilst also giving our valued clients the opportunity to reach our audience through sampling,” said Mandi.

Babyology is using all its media channels to promote the subscription box to its audience, reaching 122,551 email subscribers, 782,000 Facebook followers and 950,000 unique browsers to the website. (Google Analytics, October 2015)

“We have already had a huge reaction to the subscription box with more than 6,000 Babyologists registering interest and boxes selling on our first day. We are thrilled with the audience engagement with this new endeavour,” Mandi says.


Babyology is currently taking orders from prospective clients looking to be involved in the second subscription box, which is due to launch in March 2016.

If you would like more information on how to be involved in this exciting initiative, contact the Babyology sales team on


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