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Your child’s health & development – what you need to know

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We’ve teamed up with Children’s Panadol to provide you with lots of quick and helpful information covering many aspects of children’s health and development. We hope you’ll find them a great resource as you take care of your family every day.

Preventing and managing nappy rash

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Nappies are a natural part of life with babies, but nappy rash doesn’t have to be. If you’ve ever watched as your baby endured painful nappy rash, you’ll know just how heartrending it can be – especially when nothing seems to fix it! What can you do? Read More»

Common kids’ conditions – cradle cap

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Ah, that beautiful soft baby head, so perfect for nuzzling against and kissing… unless it’s covered in cradle cap, which might be enough to make you think twice. What is cradle cap, and do you need to be concerned about it? Read More»

How to put together a family first aid kit

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Is your first aid knowledge up to date? Would you know what to do (or who to call) if there was an emergency at your house? We’ve put together a handy guide to assembling a family first aid kit, which every parent should have at home. Read More»

Common kids’ conditions – reflux

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Is your baby a bit of a chucker? Or do they seem to be in pain or distress during or following a feed? Whether they vomit a lot or not, if feeding time is consistently unhappy, it’s worth investigating whether or not they might be suffering from reflux. Read More»

Managing coughs, colds and croup in children

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Coughs and colds are an unfortunate fact of life with children. Some kids seem particularly prone to them, passing them back and forth until you feel like you should take out shares in cough medicine and tissues. What can you do to ease the discomfort of the little people in your house who are feeling so unwell? Read More»

Common kids’ conditions – colic

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What are the early evenings like at your place? If you have a baby who cries for long periods every afternoon, you’ll understand why they call it the witching hour! Regular long periods of crying are actually fairly common in babies, and they might be suffering from what’s known as colic. But what is it? And what can you do? Read More»

Common kids’ conditions – conjunctivitis

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Conjunctivitis is one of those icky childhood diseases that seems to appear out of nowhere and spread like wildfire. It’s not that pleasant to look at either, but regardless of how severe it looks, if your child has it they will be miserable. What can you do to help, and how can you limit its spread? Read More»

Common kids’ conditions – head lice

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If your child spends long periods of time with other children outside of the home, there’s a good chance that sooner or later they’ll bring home some unwanted visitors – head lice. They have nothing to do with how clean or dirty your child’s hair is, but you’ll need to be diligent in treating them to get rid of them! What should you do? Read More»

Common kids’ conditions – worms

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Worms are a very common condition in small children, and they tend to make them very irritable and grumpy, particularly at bedtime. They can be tricky to diagnose, but the good news is that treatment is quick and easy. Read More»

Common kids’ conditions – eczema

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Does your child have patches of scaly, itchy and dry skin that never seem to go away? Perhaps you remember having a similar condition when you were young. Read More»

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