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It’s time to start getting into the festive frame of mind and here at Babyology, we’re collating our wishlists as I am sure you are too!

Babyology has had tremendous success over the past six months with readership and engagement increasing in every channel. We are pleased to offer some new options to our sponsors and some exciting announcements, including our November Prizeapalooza.

With our increasing traffic and engagement over the past six months, we have reviewed our rate card and, in keeping with our growing audience, will be having a slight price adjustment in some advertising positions. We will be doing a complete rate card review ready for the start of 2012.

In this newsletter:

  • Current Audience
  • Babyology Exclusive Offers
  • Rate card changes
  • Christmas packages
  • Christmas Gift Guide
  • November Prizeapalooza

Current Audience

  • Social Media (Twitter and Facebook): 16,000
  • Email subscribers: 18,500
  • Visitors (per month): 140,000
  • Monthly Page Impressions: 350,000
  • Our readership is currently 92% women

Visits per month

Our increased audience has come from a lot of hard work over here at Babyology to promote the website to new parents and introduce new concepts to grow traffic. We launched Prizeapalooza earlier in 2011 and thanks to many of our sponsors it was a huge success, helping to spread the Babyology word and grow our loyal audience. Our content and editorial team is highly skilled which sees many of our audience refer a lot of their friends to become part of the Babyology community.

Babyology Exclusive Offers

The Babyology audience just love the special offers that we are able to bring them. Many readers have asked us to send them weekly offers and sales so we are pleased to announce the launch of Babyology Exclusive Offers that will be going out to our subscriber database weekly to 18,500 people. There is a maximum of ten advertisers allowed in each weekly email and we are inviting you to be part of the first one! This is a great incentive for your brand to start promoting Christmas products.

The specs for the Babyology Exclusive Offers ads are a 600x500px image, max 100kb file size. If you have existing Mrec artwork you can use a single frame scaled up to fit 600x500px. This ad must include a sale or special offer to our readers.

To book your Exclusive Offer, click here.

Rate card changes

The following changes to the rate card will take place for all new bookings:
All shared newsletter inserts: $200 + GST
Social Media: $200 + GST

We have redesigned our Babyology Weekly newsletters to make them easier to navigate and read for our subscribers. In order for the newsletter to be more streamlined, we are changing the ad specs so that the ad position will be more in line with the look and feel of the newsletter.

The specs for newsletter ads are now a 600x500px image, max 100kb file size. This will see your brand fit in smoothly with the appearance of the newsletter and become part of the newsletter template. If you have existing Mrec artwork you can use a single frame scaled up to fit 600x500px.

We will be in contact with all advertisers who have current bookings to discuss the changes.

Christmas Packages


Babyology would like to offer our advertisers the opportunity to reach our premium audience (the majority being the prime household purchasers: AB women aged 25 – 44) in the lead-up to the Christmas season. Many of our readers are on Babyology researching which gifts to purchase for their children and loved ones.

Babyology traffic spikes from the start of October to just before Christmas. We would like to help you, our advertisers, take advantage of our surge in readership during this festive season by offering you some special packages with great discounts to thank you for the support you have shown us throughout the year.

We have several advertising opportunities available, and you are sure to find one that fits with your brand and your advertising objectives during the busy Christmas period from October until December 2011.

Package #1

Top MREC – 90,000 impressions @ $13cpm = value of $1170 (30,000 imp/month)
Leaderboard – 45,000 impressions @ $10cpm = value of $450 (15,000 imp/month)
2 x newsletter inserts – sent weekly on a Tuesday to 18,500 subscribers = value of $400
2 x Social Media posts = value of $400

TOTAL COST = $1300 (Media Value of $2420 – over 46% saving)

Package #2

Bottom side MREC OR TOP Leaderboard – 90,000 impressions @ $10cpm = value of $900 (30,000 imp/month)
2 x newsletter inserts – sent weekly on a Tuesday to 18,500 subscribers = $400
1 x social media post = value $200

TOTAL COST = $900 (Media Value of $1500 – 40% saving)

Package #3

In-Content Banner – 67,500 impressions @ $8cpm = value of $540 (22,500 imp/month)
1 x newsletter insert = value of $200
1 x social media post = $200

TOTAL COST = $620 (Media Value of $940 – over 34% saving)

Package #4

Side square button – 90,000 impressions at $4.50cpm = value of $405 (30,000 imp/month)
1 x Social Media Post = $200

TOTAL COST = $450 (Media Value $605 – over 25% saving)

To book your Christmas Packages click here.

We will provide all reporting during the middle of the campaign and at the end. We can rotate your creative twice during the campaign so you can showcase a variety of products. (Additional rotations on request).

Christmas Gift Guides

Babyology is well known as a fabulous resource for unique and amazing children’s products from around the globe. Our Christmas Gift Guides are specially tailored to our readers’ children’s age groups and bring together a guide of brilliant products that our team has extensively researched throughout the year.

We will be showcasing our Gift Guides on Babyology from the start of November until Christmas. We will have a permanent link on the Babyology homepage driving our readers to our Christmas Gift Guides. We are featuring our Gift Guides within the Babyology weekly newsletters and utilising our popular social media positions to reach our loyal audience on Facebook and Twitter.

Babyology are inviting you to apply to become part of our Gift Guide and submit the very best selections from your upcoming ranges. This is a tremendous way to showcase your product to the right target market in the lead-up to Christmas this year.

Below are some of our Christmas Gift Guides from last year:

Babyology’s Christmas Gift Guide – Newborn

Babyology’s Christmas Gift Guide – 1 to 2 years

Babyology’s Christmas Gift Guide – 3 to 4 years

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

This year we will be producing Christmas Gift Guides for the following categories –

  • Pregnancy
  • Newborn
  • 1 to 2 years
  • 2 to 3 years
  • 3 to 4 years
  • 4 to 6 years
  • 6 to 8 years
  • Tween (8 – 12)
  • Christmas Stocking Stuffers
  • Christmas Decor

To apply for the Christmas Gift Guides, click here.

November Prizeapalooza

We are very excited to announce that we will be running another Prizeapalooza in November. This was a huge success earlier in the year which generated 115,000 story impressions and 10,000 visits to sponsor websites as well as a huge amount of social media buzz.
To find out more and to apply, click here.

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