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Happy New Year! Well we have started off 2012 with a bang and having an incredibly huge January so far. We have had 115,000 unique visitors and 445,000 page views to Babyology over the last month. Our readership is growing and ready to shop this year, so we’d love to promote your brand to our unique audience.

We have recently introduced credit card payments for all bookings which is sure to make payments easier for everyone, and the credit card fees will not be passed onto you but absorbed by us.

In other news, we have recently installed Nielsen tracking onto Babyology so no longer rely on google analytics but are part of the Nielsen network worldwide.

In this newsletter:

  • Prizeapalooza summary and last minute February opportunity
  • Discounted advertising packages
  • Babyology Exclusive Offers
  • Babyology Weekly Newsletter
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Editorial features
  • Easter Gift Guides 2012

Babyology Visits

February Prizeapalooza

We launched Prizeapalooza in March 2011 and over the last year this has been a huge success for all advertisers involved. The exposure with two editorial features and social media marketing gives a brand a lot of exposure to our readers and it has a huge following among the Babyology community. Each time we run Prizeapalooza it generates over 170,000 story impressions and 18,000 visits to sponsor websites as well as a huge amount of social media buzz.

We have almost filled February abut have two spaces remaining as a few sponsors have had to move to the May Prizeapalooza since their stock is delayed. If you would like one of these two remaining spaces, please let us know as soon as possible. 

To find out more and to apply, click here.

Discounted Advertising Packages

We have some exciting discounted packages for you between now and April.

1. Mrec or In-Content Mrec – 70,000 impressions @ $8cpm = value of $560

 TOTAL COST = $500 (Media Value of $560 – over 12% saving)


2. Bottom side Mrec or Top Leaderboard – 70,000 impressions @ $10cpm = value of $700

Side Banner – 30,000 @ $5cpm = value of $150

1 x newsletter insert – Babyology Weekly or Exclusive Offers – sent to 19,000 subscribers = value of $200

TOTAL COST = $750 (Media Value of $1,050 – 40% saving)

This will build brand  awareness with two ad sizes and a newsletter insert.


3. Top Mrec – 75,000 impressions @ $13cpm = value of $975

Side Banner – 50,000 @ $5cpm = value of $250

1 x newsletter inserts – sent weekly on a Tuesday to 19,000 subscribers = value of $200

1 x Social Media posts to 26,000 followers = value of $200

TOTAL COST = $1,000 (Media Value of $1,625 – over 62% saving)

This package includes our largest ad unit, newsletter, social media and side banner to build awareness and incorporates the most popular Babyology mix of advertising options.

We can get your campaign live as soon as we receive payment and creative. Take advantage of our increased traffic and new readers and fill in the booking form today. If you are only able to book in a few weeks, we can still deliver their campaign as we can select and start and end date to suit your timings, product launches or new ranges.

To book your discounted advertising packages click here.

Babyology Exclusive Offers

The Babyology audience just love the special offers that we are able to bring them. We launched our Babyology Exclusive Offers newsletter in November and these were fully booked until January 2012. We have just released new dates so there is now an opportunity to book space.

These newsletters go out to our subscriber database weekly to 19,000 people.  They have been getting a terrific response and are priced at $200 + GST.

This is a great incentive for your brand to promote some last minute Back to School, Valentine’s Day or Easter specials. The specs for the Babyology Exclusive Offers ads are a large space of 600x500px image, max 100kb file size. If you have existing Mrec artwork you can use a single frame scaled up to fit 600x500px. This ad must include a sale or special offer to our readers and an expiry date on the offer.

To book your Exclusive Offer, click here.

Babyology Weekly Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter goes to 19,000 subscribers and has a high open rate of 30%. We only have a few spaces in this newsletter for advertisers to promote their brand.  The specs for the newsletter ads are a large space of 600x500px image, max 100kb file size. If you have existing Mrec artwork you can use a single frame scaled up to fit 600x500px. The cost of this space is only $200 + GST

To book your Weekly Newsletter, click here.

Social Media Marketing

Over the Christmas period our Facebook following jumped from 14,000 fans to 23,000 Facebook fans. We currently have a fast growing social media following with 4,000 Twitter followers as well. We get a lot of traffic to our posts and on Facebook your content can receive up to 16,000 impressions. To put your brand, sale, product or a link to your own social media through our network, there is a cost of $200 + GST. This includes text, images and a link. We have not increased this price to go out to 27,000 people now, which gives you much larger brand exposure with these higher numbers.

To book your social media package, click here.

Editorial Features

We will be doing Valentine’s Day and Easter editorial over the next few months, as well as Winter clothing round ups when this starts to launch in March and April. It would be a good idea to target specific newsletters and time advertising on the website with some of this feature content over the nex few months.

We are also sponsoring many of the large worldwide trade shows this year and will be covering Bubble London and Playtime New York, Paris and Tokyo over the next few months.

Easter Gift Guides 2012


Babyology is well known as a fabulous resource for unique and amazing children’s products from around the globe. Our Easter Gift Guides are tailored to our readers’ children’s needs and bring together the best options available that our team has extensively researched throughout the year.

We will be showcasing the Easter Gift Guides on Babyology and will have a permanent link on the Babyology homepage driving our readers to the guides. We are featuring them within the Babyology weekly newsletters and utilising our popular social media positions to reach our loyal audience on Facebook and Twitter.

Babyology are inviting you to apply to become part of our Gift Guide and submit the very best selections from your ranges. Last year these were very popular so please fill in the booking form to avoid disappointment.

Below are our Easter Gift Guides from 2011 –

Gifts for babies

Gifts for toddlers

Gifts for older kids

To apply for the Easter Gift Guides 2012, click here.

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