Kinderling Digital Media Advertising Frequently Asked Questions


Can I reschedule my booking?

Yes, we understand that sometimes unexpected issues and circumstances arise that you may need to address by rescheduling a booking with us. Therefore, if you need to push back a booking that has already been scheduled for live, we can allow for this one (1) time. Any further rescheduling will incur additional production fees at our discretion.



What are the best days/times to schedule my post? Does it make a difference to engagement and reach whether my post is scheduled within or outside of school holiday periods?

Typically, at Kinderling Digital Media , we do not see much fluctuation in terms of post performance according to time of day or day of the week. Our engagement and reach remains quite consistent and we can only promise particular dates of posting, not times. However, we do recommend posting on weekdays above weekends, to ensure that we are on hand to assist should any issues arise with your post.

Every morning, our content team works on commissioning and publishing a full range of editorial stories to fill that day both on site and through our social media channels. For this reason, we do not lock in any booked commercial posts ahead of time. It is only after looking at the day’s complete editorial schedule and the shape of the day ahead that we can ensure that all booked posts are placed at times when they will run in spots that optimise their message and call to action.

As our core audience are pregnant and new mums, school holiday periods have very little impact on post performance. 

Am I able to request posts on consecutive days?

Unfortunately, we cannot schedule posts for the same client on consecutive days. If you have more than one social post, we can only post 1 post per platform every four (4) days. For example, if you have a post scheduled for Facebook for the 1st of the month, we cannot schedule another post until the 5th of the month. 

However, cross-platform posting is allowed – for example, if you have a post scheduled for Facebook for the 1st of the month, we can allow for an Instagram post on the following day, the 2nd of the month. 

How long does it take for my post to go live?

Upon receipt of your assets, we will need to internally approve that it is suitable and appropriate for our platforms and for our brand. Once you have received final approval on your assets, we require a minimum lead time of 7 days for your post to go live. 

If I have purchased a social media combination package (e.g. a Facebook and Instagram package), do these posts need to be scheduled for live on the same day?

No – if you have purchased multiple posts on different platforms, we are happy to accommodate different dates for posting.

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