Tired mamas! This nifty Vietnamese towel trick could help your bub sleep

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If you’re one of the (ahem) lucky ones who appear to have a baby that’s allergic to sleep, well grab that coffee and get ready to watch! A video that a Vietnamese mum has shared of a nurse sending her bub off to sleep with a magic towel trick has been viewed over 18 million times – and it might just work for you too!

Viral from Vietnam

As a new mum, what do you do when someone teaches you a snazzy new parenting hack? You share it with the sleep-deprived masses around the world that’s what! 23-year-old first-time mum, Lê Thi Ánh, from the Vu Thu district in the Thái Bình province, obviously knew she was witnessing gold when she watched a nurse at the hospital calm her baby to sleep with nothing but a towel, and so quickly whipped out her phone to record the magic in action.

“Thank you, doctors of Gynaecology hospital for very enthusiastic and very thoughtful attitude,” a translated caption on the two-minute video from Ánh read. “Everyone, please watch to apply for your children.” And watch we did!

Winnin’ with linen 

So what is the technique exactly? Well, the nurse rolled a large towel diagonally and then placed the baby on her side in the middle of it. She then curled the towel around her with the top end underneath her head and neck, and the lower part between her legs with both ends meeting between the baby’s hands. The final touch? Once cocooned all snug and warm, the nurse then gently patted the baby’s back until she quickly went to sleep. Ta-da!

Old hack 

As told to Smart Parenting, according to Ánh this neat sleep hack is one that all the doctors and nurses at the Thái Bình Obstetric Hospital (where she gave birth) always teach new mums.

“After giving birth, the nurse/doctor taught me how to wrap a towel. My daughter, An Nhiên, is now 30 days old and I am still using the method. It’s easy to do and helps the baby sleeps very well,” Ánh said.

Exactly how does it work? Well, apparently it’s because the positioning of the towel makes the baby feel like they’re back in the womb again. Makes sense! 

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But is it safe?

According to Vietnamese website Me và bé (Mother and Baby), you do need to ensure that the baby’s neck is supported when it goes slightly backward and that one of their feet is against their abdomen. This is apparently good for their digestive system and reduces the risk for chills and tummy pains. If trying this hack you also need to make sure there is no loose clothing, and keep an eye on your baby at all times to prevent suffocation from the towel accidentally covering their airways.

Watch for SIDS

In contrast, medical professionals in Australia recommend that babies be placed on their backs on a firm mattress with no loose blankets, pillows or toys to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). So perhaps this Vietnamese sleep technique isn’t ideal for overnight. However, if you were absolutely desperate and wanted bub to have a few hours sleep before the next feed (e.g. you could wrap her next to you while you watched a bit of Netflix and also kept an eye on her), then this neat towel trick could be just the ticket.

Watch the video now below and decide for yourself!


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