Roger Armstrong sleep trainer for children a no brainer for sleep deprived parents!

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Teaching your child the difference between rise and shine time and sleep time is a crucial step for any parent. If your kids wake up super-early, you know what I mean!

The Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy Sleep Trainer is one of those excellent products I wish I had known about years ago. When my daughter was making her transition to a big bed, she would think it was “wake up time” as soon as her eyes flicked open. Didn’t matter if it was 4am or 5am. Of course, this meant it was also my “wake up time”.

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If you want to say goodbye to those bleary-eyed mornings and sleep-deprived days and hello to some sound sleep, the Roger Armstrong sleep trainer is here to help. This nifty device is like a junior alarm clock, but without the numbers. Instead, there are two fun pictures – one showing a sleeping bunny to encourage sleep time and a bunny playing with a balloon to let little ones know it’s time to get up.

The sleeping bunny is softly illuminated so its gentle glow acts as a night light. It also has soothing lullaby music, which you can easily switch off if needs be.

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The LCD screen has an easy-to-use menu and there’s only one activation switch, which makes it easy to use in the middle of the night. The sleep trainer helps children develop a consistent bedtime routine and gives mums and dads some relief from the early wake-up calls. At $79.95, mums and dads will think the Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy Sleep Trainer is a no brainer!


The Roger Armstrong Kids Sleep Lantern is another clever accessory for toilet training children. With a handle on top, children can easily grab the lantern on their way to the potty or toilet – hopefully without waking mum or dad! The light turns on as soon as the lantern is lifted from the cradle, so it’s simple for little sleepyheads.

Happy sleeping!



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