Is this the most relaxing way to put a baby to sleep?

Posted in Sleeping.

Who doesn’t love a head and face massage? It seems even babies are easily subdued by gentle hands, watch this video and see just how easily this little one falls asleep – this may be one of those sleep tricks to have up your sleeve!

Have you just spent hours rocking your baby to sleep? Then you’re going to find the below video rather frustrating – but don’t worry, it may give you something to try next time you’re having a nap-time struggle!

We’ve been unable to find the original source of this mesmerising video, but we just had to share it with you. Watch as this baby is lulled to sleep by nothing more than gentle fingers.

It seems gentle tricks are the secret weapon to lulling babies to sleep, and we’ve featured quite a few, so if you’re struggling at nap time, take a look at how to put your baby to sleep in under a minute, and watch a doctor reveal his secret to settling a screaming newborn in seconds.


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