Floppy and sloppy: 7 sure signs your baby is a milk monster

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Ah, there’s nothing quite like holding a milk-drunk baby in your arms. They’re so full, so relaxed, so happy with the world with their little tums full to (almost) overflowing of the the lovely white stuff. 

If your baby does any of the below, then you might have a little addict snuggled into you.

Here are seven sure signs she’s a milk monster.

1. Passes out after a bender

If the elixir of life makes your little one’s eyes roll back in ecstasy, and then sends her off into the land of nod, EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL, then it’s fair to say that she’s become milk dependent.

I mean, milk is her sleep-sure-thing, and it’s a LOVELY way to drift off. Can you blame her?

Newborn asleep

2. Hits you when feeding

Does your baby bang her chubby little fists on your boob or on the bottle in an effort to get the milk to flow faster?


Well, this a telltale sign that she’s needing a hit and Mama, you ain’t giving it to her fast enough!


3. Needs it to feel better

If the boobie or bottle are the best way for your baby to achieve inner peace and to soothe away any distress, then it’s fair to say her milky is her drug of choice. It transports her into a blissed-out state.

Damn, it must be good!

Newborn and mama

4. Gets seriously hangry

If her milk isn’t delivered the second she starts wailing for it, watch out.

A true milk monster will morph into a demanding monster in a matter of seconds in an effort to get a fix.

She will scream, yell and cry a thunderstorm until she latches onto that beloved teat – and then drinks like a ravenous vampire.

Angry newborn baby crying

5. Has feeding frenzies

Like any addict, your milk super-fan will have periods where all she wants to do is use and use and use.

Actually it’s a feeding frenzy. And she likes to do this A LOT.

Family breastfeeding baby in park

6. Becomes floppy and sloppy

If your baby becomes a rag doll when you flop her over your shoulder to burp her, then she is out of it. She’s messy. Wasted.

Really, if she could talk, she would be slurring her words. You know she would!  

Newborn baby

7. Tries to get a fix even when it isn’t time

Then there are those milk monsters who seek out a slurp even when it isn’t time for one.

If your little one tries to breastfeed off her dad’s neck or your arms whenever she feels skin near her lips, then you have a little one with an obsession.

If she dreams about feeding in her sleep – her mouth in a chugging motion – then you can bet her favourite thing in the world (apart from you guys, of course) is all she’s thinking about.

Mum and dad lying in bed with their baby


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