Five reasons why dads (and their kids) benefit from babywearing

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How amazing is babywearing? There are so many positives to toting your baby around in a baby carrier – and mums aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits. With Father’s Day just around the corner in Australia, we thought we’d give a shout out to babywearing dads – and detail the benefits to both fathers and their babies. We’ve also asked an expert to recommend a couple of carriers that dads will love (Father’s Day gift anyone?).

1. It’s the ultimate in bonding

Mums know there’s nothing quite like those nine months when your baby is literally a part of you. Babywearing is an extension of that closeness, and it’s something that dads can do. Baby gets to hear dad’s heartbeat, feel his warmth and breathe in his smell. And likewise, dad gets the same beautiful, physical closeness to his baby.


2. Dads get to know their babies

Babywearing gives dads a rare opportunity to really get to know their child. Eye contact can easily be made, which is often a comfort to babies, and dads get the chance to learn the cries and happy sounds their child makes.

3. It’s hands-free!

This is a particular plus for new dads looking after mums who’ve just given birth. They can have a settled baby asleep in the carrier, with hands free for all the other tasks around the house.


4. It builds confidence

For many dads, their first foray into parenthood can be daunting. Being able to care for their baby in such an intimate and relationship-building manner fosters confidence. Also, babies often settle better in a carrier, meaning dads can be part of the calming process if baby is unsettled or upset.

5. It’s a great start to a beautiful relationship

Physical closeness is one of the best ways to create a long-lasting relationship between baby and carer. For dads, it’s a chance to begin building a relationship that will continue well past the babywearing days.

Now that you know why dads should babywear, you need some great carrier options. Babes in Arms specialises in award-winning, ergonomic baby products. Each and every carrier is personally selection by director, and mum-of-four, Anita Lincolne-Lomax. She’s helped us out by selecting a couple of carrier options perfect for dads.

Anita’s opinion is that men prefer carriers that don’t inhibit everyday activities, with a fairly neutral colour palette. They tend to gravitate towards more streamlined models, and as men are more sensitive to overheating with a baby carrier, they prefer lighter weight fabrics.


That said, Anita recommends the Ergobaby Performance Carrier, for its adventurous nature and breathable fabric. It can be used as a front, back or hip carrier, and is designed to be used from birth (with the use of an infant insert) to toddler age.

The moisture-wicking mesh gives this carrier its breathability, making it comfortable for dad and baby. If you’re in for some hiking (or a day of shopping!), the tapered shoulder straps and padded waist mean dad and baby stay comfortable for the long haul.


The Ergobaby Performance Ventus Carrier is another great option for active dads, who are worried that babywearing will mean being uncomfortably warm. With its 3D mesh panel, it provides great ventilation – and is the perfect summer babywearing companion.

Ergobaby also has a large range of four-position carriers, which suit dads (and mums) perfectly. They provide you with great flexibility in babywearing which is handy when the carrier will be used by more than one person.

There are so many great options for fathers when it comes to baby carriers that the dad in your life is bound to find one that suits him. With Australia and New Zealand Babywearing Week following hot on the heels of Father’s Day, we look forward to seeing all the dads who embrace the flexibility of babywearing out and about with their babies!

(This is a sponsored post for Babes in Arms)


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