The baby photos all new parents need to take

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The moment you find out you are expecting, you can expect your phone to fill up with photos of your belly, your baby purchases and, in a few short months, you new baby. Gone are the blurry photos of nights out with the gals and photos of your fancy dinners. You’re about to embark on a brand new journey and here is the photographic evidence all parents need.

Whether you are the type who likes to print your photos out, keep them on your phone, store them in the cloud or paste them all over your walls, we can guarantee that at least half of these iconic new parent moments will end up in your photo album.

The ultrasound picture

The first time you see your little one on the screen is special to say the least, even if bub is the size of a bean.

newborn photos2

The announcement

There are so many creative ways to announce your pregnancy. Regardless of how you choose to tell your friends and Facebook, we bet this photo makes it into the baby book.

newborn shots 5

The belly kiss

You can’t have a big beautiful baby belly and not get the standard belly kiss shot. It doesn’t matter who is kissing the belly – your partner, your older child, your pet… someone needs to kiss the belly and there needs to be photographic evidence of it.

newborn photos3

The goddess

Once you get so round you can hardly walk, the signature move is to put on a white flowing gown (a bed sheet will do) and get professional photos taken of your belly. This is a lovely way to remember the beauty of being pregnant… and hopefully it will help you forget the not-so-beautiful moments of the last nine months.


The first moments

Sweating, make-up-free and full of natural exhaustion and beauty – this is one moment worth capturing. Bonus points if you are also wearing a hospital night gown and have the epidural needle showing.


The measurements

All new parents must get the obligatory photo with baby on the scale for the first time.

newborn shot 6

The foot love

Capture just how little they were with the “I heart baby feet” shot.

love babies feet

The teeny hand

And don’t forget the teeny tiny baby hand image too.

dermaveen image one

The knitted headband or hat

You cannot stage a newborn photo shoot without this shot! Bonus points if the hat also has animal ears of some variety.

b2b july

The greatest gift

Another must-have when staging a newborn photo shoot is the swaddle. After all, a just-hatched baby, swaddled and wrapped in gift wrap is the greatest gift in the world.

newborn photos4

The basket

And you can’t go wrong with the baby-in-the-basket pose. They will only be this little once.

newborn photos6

The smile

It might just be wind… but it certainly is a good one to put in the baby book.

newborn first weeks

The brelfie

There isn’t anything sweeter than watching your little one look up at you mid-feed with those eyes, regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Snap a photo of those sparkling baby blues.

newborn photos 8

The new daddy

Capture the love between father and baby with a classic baby-wrapped-up-in-daddy’s-arms shot.

newborn photo 8

The animal

It’s a rite of passage to dress your newborn up as an animal and snap a shot… if only to show at the 21st.

newborn photos 7

The kiss

Don’t you wish you could bottle up the newborn scent and keep it forever? Take a photo of those precious moments spent sniffing their hair, kissing their cheeks and holding them close.

21 advice1

The siblings

If you have older children, then you will most likely have thousands of these photos in the years to come. But the sweetest ones are when you first bring baby home and you realise just how big your older child really is.

Boys will be boys 1
The happy family

And, finally, make sure you get at least one photo where all three of you are in the photo (and not a selfie or one where you have spit-up on your shirt)! These ones are worth framing and cherishing for years to come.

Parents with newborn

How many of these photos are in your baby keepsake book?

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