10 reasons babies cry (and 30 ways to calm them down)

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Babies cry, and some babies cry a lot. Sometimes you’ll understand what your baby is trying to tell you but often it can take a bit of deciphering.

Most commonly, it’s because they are hungry or wet, so feeding and changing are two of the most obvious ways to settle a crying baby. But what if you’ve done this and bub is still crying?

2. They are overstimulated

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There are a lot of unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells for a new baby, especially in a busy household or a public area. Overtired babies easily become overstimulated which can lead to tears. Try removing your baby from the situation. Turn the lights off. Turn the music off. And just focus on being as calm as you can. Your little one will be able to sense this calmness and hopefully settle down.

Make sure you talk to your health care provider about any ongoing concerns you have about your baby’s crying or discomfort.


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