The VBAC doll (yes, you read it right)

mamamor 11 The VBAC doll (yes, you read it right)

Just how realistic is ‘too realistic’ when it comes to toys?

MamAmor has created a range of handcrafted dolls that show various birth scenarios, from vaginal birth to a c-section birth and even a VBAC birth (that’s Carly, the vaginal-birth-after-caesarean doll shown above).

The details on each doll are accurate in a delightfully crafty way – expect an umbilical cord, a placenta and a clever way to show breastfeeding (with some strategically placed press-studs).

mamamor 12 The VBAC doll (yes, you read it right)

mamamor 13 The VBAC doll (yes, you read it right)

I do think it’s a nice touch that mother and baby have matching hair, even if that hair is an unlikely shade of hot pink!

Also available are all the accessories a new mother doll needs including a nappy bag, a baby-carrying sling, special nursing clothing and even tiny teething necklaces. And if that’s not enough, MamAmor custom-make dolls so that expecting mums can have a doll that is their perfect match (helpful for explaining to your toddler what lies ahead).

Although part of me is screaming ‘too much information’, the fact that each of the dolls is unique really appeals – just like every person’s birth experience is different, so are each of these exquisitely made dolls.

Dolls are priced from CAD$170 and MamAmor ship internationally. So, over to you Babyologists – would you buy a birthing doll?

(via Inhabitots)

mamamor 18 The VBAC doll (yes, you read it right)


  1. I would, but not for $170!

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  2. Why are kids having to grow up so fast? These dolls are ridiculous, sure childbirth is natural, so is sex, will there be dolls for that too? Another site was talking about a new breast feeding doll where your child straps on a special halter top for the doll to breast feed from! Im sorry i really think all of this stuff is going too far

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  3. Charmian i agree with your comment completely. childbirth should not be seen as disgusting or yuck, it is a beautiful natural part of life. it is not a new idea either, i had a stuffed dog that when you opened her belly she had puppies inside and that would have been 20 years ago. the only thing i disagree with is the price although if as they are handcrafted and all completely unique i can also understand it.

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  4. I don’t see how “kids being kids” is somehow damaged by the concept of birth. I think the doll is cute, quirky and tastefully made. Definately not everyones cup of tea but no need to be down on it. My 2 year old son was present at the birth of his brother and took it all in stride. We create this concept of fear of childbirth, maybe if we are more open about it our daughters daughters can have a powerful and enriching experience instead of simply sharing horror stories.

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  5. Ps. The amount of times as a kid Barbie was pregnant with a shirt shoved up her dress, I’m sure I would have loved this

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  6. I like the idea but the price is a bit up there

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  7. As a primary teacher and a mumma that has just given birth.. I took my bubba in to meet the class.. And of course had to answer the question- ‘how did the baby come out?’ This doll would be a great teaching tool I think!

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  8. You’ve lost me, what’s the difference between a vaginal & a vbac birth?
    Lol I only thought I had a choice of Caesar or vaginal… Is there another way ?
    Maybe I need this Doll!!!!

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  9. My daughter asked me how the babies come out when she was still two years old. Since then she knows and it is not a problem at all. At all.
    It is just how it is.
    Children just accept these things as normal if you answer honestly.

    If you want to let Kids being Kids don’t let them watch snippets of television made for adults. Or too much television in general.

    Soaps, Commercials, Casting-,Model- and Dance shows. Where they learn how a woman/man “has” to look and behave.

    My daughter is now almost five years old and she recently asked how the babies get inside the tummy. (She got a little sibling).
    And – yes, shock horror – she knows that now too.

    And again: not a problem.

    Ah yes, still don’t like the doll.

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  10. From my child’s perspective, a vagina is not sexual, it’s just happens to be the hole a baby comes out of – that’s it, just another body part. Surely it’s better to educate your own child with the correct information than have them learn something inappropriate or ‘sexualised’ from another child in the kinder/school yard. Research has shown that the earlier you talk to your kids about sexuality (and by that I don’t mean ‘sex’), in an age appropriate manner, the less likely they are to engage in risky sexual bahaviour. If you have a child that is interested in ‘how the baby came out of mummy’s tummy’ then this is a great teaching aid.

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  11. That said, a simple verbal explanation is just as effective and far cheaper!

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  12. I think this is great! I like that mum is a bit squat too. Not like barbie whose legs I coveted for years (and boobs). The way we birth children is not going to change so what is the harm in teaching children about it? It may remove some of the fear around birthing and give women more confidence as they have always known what their vagina is for. It is the same as breast feeding. I think brats dolls, tv, music videos etc are more likely to make our kids grow up sooner than they should!

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  13. I think these dolls are absolutely beautiful, especially the breast feeding component. To the comments above who think showing a doll breast feeding is “too much” do you also find the hundreds of dolls at the shop that come with a bottle “too much” ????? My nine month old daughter is exclusively breastfed, we do not have a single bottle in our home and she has never drunk from one. I often wonder if, as she grows older, she will feel ‘left out’ or confused, as every book, toy, TV show, etc shows a baby feeding via bottle. This is not a formula v breast feeding debate and I totally respect any mother who chooses or has no choice but to use formula, however I would love to see a balance as to what is ‘normal’ and I would love for my daughter to be surrounded by toys and media that show that she is ‘normal’ too. If I could afford one of these dolls, it would be on it’s way to my house already!

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  14. These are just beautifully fantastic dolls. I do not believe the wonderful woman who crafts these intends them to be a ‘throw around toy dolly’, they are handmade and unique, hence the price tag. And honestly, the comments and attitudes toward this being too young for children (eg. “sick”, “yuk”, “ridiculous”, “not cool”, “stupid” etc), really are just immature comments and perhaps some adults are too immature and young for such real-life events themselves.

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  15. We LOVE these dolls! They are so beautifully designed. So much thought and creativity has been put into each one from the hair to the name to the clothes. These are definitely NOT TMI! They capture the beauty, magic, and normalcy of birth. Our 4 year old son and 3 year old daughter know where babies come from. They remember when they were born and when their baby brother was born. They were there and they were laughing with joy right along with us when he entered the world. That doesn’t mean they know how babies are made and it hasn’t robbed them of any childhood innocence. In fact it has made us see how innocent and pure birthing is. The start of new life is NORMAL and NATURAL and is in serious need of preserving when it is under so much attack in our present culture. EVERY CHILD SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE DOLLS.

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  16. There is nothing wrong with the whole birth process but the age that children are playing dolls, this kind of doll is not age appropriate. Why do children need to know everything at an early age. We make them grow up too quickly. There is plenty of time for them to find out things. I definately wont be buying this doll for my 3 year old to explain things.
    I think it is a ridiculous idea.

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  17. Every once in awhile I read something that makes me question the culture I’ve chosen to live in and raise my child in and this is one of those moments. I saved up for years to finally get one and I *LOVE* our MamAmor doll. My two year old knows all about how a baby comes out of a vagina and she loves playing with this doll and supporting the doll while she gives birth. We also got a breastfeeding toddler, thank you very much, because that is *also* a completely normal part of a child’s life. For those of you who seem to think that having a one-time birds and bees conversation later on is sufficient (probably after they’ve already learned a lot of misinformation from their peers), maybe you should at least consider getting the book ‘It’s Not the Stork!’ by Robie Harris. Instead of perpetuating the fear and disgust of birth and breastfeeding and women’s bodies, please realize that this doll is a conversational piece that helps normalize one of the most beautiful, miraculous events many women are privileged to experience.

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  18. I think these dolls are incredible. As the owner of a business where my husband and I create handmade and one of a kind teddy bears with price-tags far greater than this (and probably a lot less man-hours of work that go into them compared to these beautifully detailed pieces of art), I think the price is more than fair. These are not mass produced plastic, disposable toys that only cost a few dollars. Someone has spent their valuable time in detailing each aspect. We seem to have lost our ability to value hand-made in our ‘throw away’ culture. I also think they are an amazing concept for little girls and boys. Why shouldn’t our children know where they came from!? This is NOT going to damage them, or end their childhoods prematurely. It helps them understand what we adults feel is so taboo. It’s not yucky, it’s not ‘too far’ – it’s beautiful. And oh so clever!

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  19. These are beautiful dolls, mainly intended as teaching tools for Doulas and Midwives. I recently bought one for myself, and was amazed to find my boys loved playing with her. It was actually the best thing ever for answering their questions about how the baby was going to come out of my tummy. The idea that these give too much information is ridiculous. The best thing they could learn is that babies come from mama’s bellies, and are fed milk from mama’s breasts…

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  20. I think our society has things awfully backwards. We’re terrified to tell our children the truth about birth, because somehow it means we’re educating them too young about sex.
    I came from a home where all things sexually related (birth, periods etc) were taboo to talk about. My mum waited until the last possible moments to tell me.. by then I’d already heard the warped versions from my primary school friends.
    I won’t be doing the same with my children. Birth is not some secret adult thing.
    If the questions are being asked its time for the true answers. If you shy away and tell stories of stalks or cabbage patches it shows your children that its an embarrassing subject – and they will not talk to you about sex or their bodies when they’re older, they’ll go to their equally uneducated friends for advice instead!
    With the media the way it is, I think these dolls are an excellent, positive education tool.

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  21. I just want to know why the dolls are so badly dressed? For that money I don’t want any clashing prints thanks!

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  22. I think these are seriously wonderful! Kids love playing with them!

    My girls have been present at the birth of their younger siblings and these dolls are a nice way for them to be a part of the process and journey (they like to be little midwives haha).

    Just wish they were a bit cheaper.

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  23. Really who cares… If a parent thinks its a good idea or not each to their own.
    I’d rather my child play with this then toy guns bullets and dolls that give an in realistic image of what pretty is!
    Kids are kids. I always knew where babies came from. Most kids are not faxed by birth if its spoken about. It’s not meant to be a tabu topic.
    I don’t think it’s for everyone but I’m by all means not against it.

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  24. I agree with Sam, we impose the fear of birth instead of nurturing and embracing it, life is too clinical, cynical & convenient we need to embrace what Mother Nature gave us, it’s only natural!
    But yes I can also see the argument for exposing our kids to adult things at too early an age.
    I wouldn’t personally buy it at that price but I would if I worked as a midwife/ doula/ antenatal nurse / eary childhood nurse etc. Better than the hessian sack lol! I actually think it’s quite clever, esp the nipples, very original!! Better this than guns & play stations.

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  25. Sorry guys, I think its a little far. I know my 4 year old has asked where babies come from as I’m pregnant with my 3rd and yeah look I didn’t go the vagina road (firstly its a nudey in our house) and she thinks she has one hole down there, her bottom is a whole and its does poo and wee and that its. Opening this one at that age leaves it to go the whole story and their little minds, I don’t think, are equipped for it. They have their whole life to know about vaginas and birth and sex and penis’s, why now. Innocence is bliss…I like my little girl being a little girl. They are available however for those Mums who do want their kids to be educated early, and thats ok by me, I just hope those children are educated properly because when they talk about it in the kinder yard or school yard to my child, I don’t want her getting some way-out 4 year old exaggerated version of where her mummys baby came from because she couldn’t quite remember the part between contraction, dilating cervix and whether mum went with peth or why her epidural then required her to need forceps ;)

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  26. Love the discussion over this. I haven’t handled the dolls but love the pics and purpose. A a health educator in schools the visuals are so important. Not too many people are happy with pics of the ‘real thing’ at an early age. Loved Nicole’s comment re breast feeding doll being a bit too much given that so many baby dolls are sold with bottles. Great doll… Yes expensive… If hand crafted understandable… Great school resource.

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