The TrueModern Playhouse – a true winner

We love cubby houses at Babyology, especially ones packed with modern style.

Now before you get too excited about the fabulous MD-20 Playhouse by designer Edgar Blazona of Modular Dwellings, know that it is only available in America. But that doesn’t stop you dreaming – everyone has a ‘dream house’ (cubby or otherwise!).

The MD-20 Playhouse is made from birch plywood and has removable colourful panels – a neat idea for creating instant windows or a spontaneous shopfront, cafe or whatever takes your fancy. The cubby also includes wall-mounted paper tablet holders – again, perfect for a casual art session or for drawing up the ‘cafe menu’.

The Playhouse borrows inspiration from Blazona’s other pre-fab building designs. He specialises in minimalist, compact buildings, all with unique style – I think they’re perfect cubby houses for grown-ups (see below)!

The MD-20 Playhouse is US$1350. As mentioned, it is not available in Australia.


  1. that is such an awesome design! and the price is on par for some of the cubbies that i have seen here (and we are talking generic unimaginative ones!). Ah, if only…

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  2. Hi,
    Edgar Blazona here! Thanks for showing my work. I certainly appreciate it. I have to say we could ship these to Australia (we have shipped several sofas your way!) if we had a order of about 3-5. That would bring the cost of shipping down to a reasonable price. I certainly wouldn’t want you to just dream about these.. It can be a reality. Get in touch with us if your interested and I can see what we can do.

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  3. I would absolutely LOVE one of these, I will contact Mr Blazona to see how possible it might be *hope hope*..

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  4. Hi, I love your design. We would love to order a cubby house but live in australia. Is it possible? Thanks

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