The doll that proves average is beautiful

lammily 1 The doll that proves average is beautiful

There’s always been lots of noise about the unrealistic body proportions of ‘fashion dolls’ (particularly one whose name begins with ‘B’). Even as a child, I was vaguely aware that my doll’s waist was impossibly small, although at the time I was more concerned about the fact that her feet couldn’t be placed flat on the ground, but were instead permanently in position to suit stilettos. Yet for all the noise about body image, and equally for toys not to be geared toward just boys or just girls, no toy manufacturer has actually taken the plunge and made a realistic ‘fashion’ doll. Until now.

Last year, artist Nickolay Lamm created images of a Barbie doll modeled on a real woman’s proportions – she looked fit and healthy and the project attracted a lot of attention.

lammily 5 The doll that proves average is beautiful

Lamm decided to take the project to the next level and has created Lammily, a doll made according to the average body measurements of a nineteen-year-old girl.

lammily 3 The doll that proves average is beautiful

Lammily looks strong and healthy, she wears just a touch of make-up, her hair is in a low-maintenance style and her wardrobe includes lots of practical gear. Importantly, she features articulated joints and flat feet (my seven-year-old self is rejoicing). Yes, all fairly average. And average is beautiful!

lammily 6 The doll that proves average is beautiful

Want to own one of the first Lammily dolls? Lamm is funding the project through crowd-sourcing and US$25 will secure you a first-edition doll.

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  1. About time someone has FINALLY inspired some change with the unrealistic presentation of fashion dolls such as Barbie. Even better to see that they have raised twice the amount of funds to produce their Lammily doll concept via crowd sourcing. Shows there are plenty of people in agreeance! Kudos to the artist Nikolay Lamm!

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