The cardboard kitchen


My youngest two children are right into playing cafes at the moment. I’ve toyed with the idea of investing in a play kitchen to make their role play complete but quite frankly, the garish hot pink of most models is enough to put anyone off their food! For something a little more realistic, a little less pink and a lot less plastic, marvel at the brilliance of the cardboard play kitchen from Etsy designer Fortytworoads.

Made from recycled cardboard, wire coat hangers and a few other common odds and ends, you can craft your very own play kitchen. Cardboard is very strong and durable and at the same time incredibly lightweight and portable. The cardboard kitchen can be disassembled and reassembled in minutes as it is held together by cleverly designed slots and joins – no glue, no nails and no screws! When you have finished building, cover your kitchen in whatever self-adhesive pattern you like. Personally I like the designer’s choice of basic white with a tiny grey fleck, but quite possibly some retro yellow sunflowers for the splashback could be fab.

The plans for the kitchen (a PDF file, emailed directly to you) are a tiny US$12 and are available from Fortytworoads’ Etsy shop. They are simple to follow and although I haven’t started building, I have begun collecting cardboard! Also available is an equally smart washer and dryer combo.



  1. Wow, so cool! I love that you can make it yourself and then decorate however you’d want. Plain white or let the kids go crazy with markers. How fun!


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  2. Love. Love Love it. Am ordering from the fabulous Etsy as we speak!

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