Sydney Opera House immortalised by Lego Architecture!

Here it is patriotic Lego fans – our beloved Sydney Opera House in Lego form!

The very clever designers at Lego, in collaboration with American architect Adam Reed Tucker, have created a Lego Architecture kit of our iconic wonder in two hundred and seventy pieces. We’d love to know what the Danish architect Jørn Utzon would have thought of this!

Utzon’s magnificent design knocked out two hundred and thirty-two worldwide competitors in a 1957 architecture competition to design the Sydney Opera House. The story of how the building came to be follows a long and very fraught seventeen year process. Its history is detailed in the booklet which accompanies this beautiful set, one which any Australian, and certainly many Sydneysiders would be honoured to have.

Buy a slice of this much-revered national icon from the Lego Store – the set is due for release at the beginning of April for $59.99.

(via Retro to Go)

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  1. Wow, an Australian Icon in Lego, my 2 little grandsons would love to share that.Maybe this is the time I am going to be lucky!

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