Rocky – the rocking horse with designer style

rocking horse

I thought I was taking a modern approach to the rocking horse when I purchased an Ikea Rocking Moose, but I much prefer designer Marc Newson’s style!

The very talented Marc Newson has given the traditional rocking horse a modern makeover for the company Magis, resulting in the design of this suave horse going by the name of Rocky.

Made from recycled polyethylene, the rocking horse is moulded into a single piece that (one would assume) attaches to the stand – it’s this part of the design that I love the most – one fluid piece makes it not too much fuss for even the most modern or reasonably minimalist home. Being of modern design doesn’t mean important details have gone to the wayside, there are stirrups, a saddle and even reins for little ones to hold tight while riding this beauty into an imaginary sunset.

Rocky appears to be available in black, brown and white, but we’ll have to admire a little longer as there is no pricing or stockist details surfacing as yet.

(via Gizmodo)

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  1. It is gorgeous! I would of loved that as a pony mad munchkin!

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  2. It looks like it’s made of chocolate!! Love the smooth lines, but you can’t go past a handmade traditional rocking horse. Had one made for DD first birthday and it is truly magnificent!!

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  3. Where are the legs, kids need to see the legs! Is it minimalist for children or adults, some things like children’s toys need to be real…..

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