Playhouse and Teepee fun with Moochi Boo


When I was little my siblings and I loved playing cubbies. We made them under the table, in the backyard tree, in the wardrobe and absolutely anywhere we could cram ourselves.

Newly launched Australian company Moochi Boo encourages the magic of make believe with their gorgeous range of canvas teepees and cotton canvas playhouses. Set up one of these fun teepees or playhouses and you’ll soon see your child’s imagination fire up. Cubbies can absorb kids for hours.

secret garden

The Secret Garden Teepee is decorated with flowers and birds, so little girls can imagine they are pixies, fairies or simply in their very own world secret garden.


The Rosy Posy Teepee is lot more girly with its pink stripes and rose print fabrics. For little boys there’s the Moby Dick Teepee, made of nautical-themed red, white and blue fabrics.

Moochi Boo playhouses are just as easy to assemble as their teepees. Just set them up and watch your children amuse themselves all day long. Chose from the Girly Garden Cottage or the Pirate Shack.


Moochi Boo teepees are $99 and playhouses are $89. They come with their own canvas storage bags. Moochi Boo ships across Australia.

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