Paper creations from Studio Skinky

PaperCat distributed by Studio Skinky

It’s all papery goodness at Studio Skinky.

I have a weakness for paper products and stationery so I was particularly happy to get my hands on some of the gems in the latest range from Studio Skinky and PaperCat (distributed by Studio Skinky). First stop, the Delightful Paper Doll Chains – and they are indeed delightful! There’s lots of designs including princesses, robots, pirates and angels but I very much like the colourful flower fairies and the very cute bespectacled rabbits. Of course these paper chains would make lovely party decorations but I think they’d be equally at home in the nursery for some instant (but not permanent or expensive) decorating.

PaperCat distributed by Studio Skinky

For kids who like a little bit of craft but not the over-the-top-get-glue-and-glitter-everywhere kind, Happy Paper Toy sets are perfect. There are three sets in the range (robots, transport and dolls of the world) and each contains cardboard models ready to construct. The quirky designs and slightly retro-styling make these little creations suitable for the mantelpiece as well as playing. I love the Dolls of the World set, if only for the rosy-cheeked Dutch girl complete with clogs! That said, The Magical Journey set with its beautiful hot-air balloon would be perfect fashioned into a mobile for the nursery.

To go with all that paper you need something to draw with and I must say that Studio Skinky have exceptionally good crayons. Not only are they very pretty (choose from sets in vibrant or pastel colours), the Playon Crayons are stackable, strong and most importantly, easy for little hands to hold. If you are looking for a gift for the toddler in your life, these are colourful perfection!

Sets of Playon Crayons begin at $12.90 and are available from Low & Behold.

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