My Toy Guardian – safeguarding those precious toys

my toy guardian 1 My Toy Guardian – safeguarding those precious toys

Storage has a whole new personality with My Toy Guardian, possibly the funkiest storage on the face of the earth. If you think it’s a one trick pony then think again – the Guardian is also a ride-on toy!

If ever there was a great motivation to clean up then this just has to be it for kids. Guide them to pick up the toys and feed them to the Toy Guardian to mind for the night.  Don’t worry, the soft teeth won’t bite and special toys will be kept safe and sound, nestled in its tummy. The Guardian opens easily for access to the toys in the morning and its back doubles as a seat for riding.

my toy guardian 2 My Toy Guardian – safeguarding those precious toys

This incredibly appealing design is by talented student designer Tzung-Yu Lu, who has already won an award for his concept in the 2010 IDEA Awards. If these become available I will be first in line… just wondering if it could eventually be more like a Roomba and pootle around the house at night hoovering up the toys. I can only dream!

(via Inhabitots)

my toy guardian 3 My Toy Guardian – safeguarding those precious toys


  1. I’ll be right behind you in que to buy this tidy monster. I can’t find anywhere globally stocking it at present.

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  2. Unfortunately it’s only a concept at this stage. I really hope they release it for sale. I keep coming back to it! Adorable.

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  3. This is a fantastic idea and concept. Third in line here!

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  4. When are these going to be for sale////

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  5. Sharon we’re still waiting too, I can’t find any word f these being on the market yet!? In the meantime we’ll keep our fingers (still) crossed! ~ Lexi

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