Meet the wooden iPad lookalike your kids can’t break!

anaPad 2 Meet the wooden iPad lookalike your kids cant break!

I talk myself in and out of buying an iPad more times than I care to count. My children would love it, I witness daily how much they abuse, er, love my iPhone. I’m not sure if there’s enough will on my part to protect an iPad. The anaPad though – now that’s getting back to basics!

Sure, there’s no Angry Birds to be played, no Fruit Ninja score to beat and certainly no annoying music associated with Doodle Jump but there is some good old fashioned fun to be had. Inspired by the Apple iPad, the anaPad from Etsy seller Twigcreative is a magnetic whiteboard that promotes creativity and use of imagination.

anaPad 1 Meet the wooden iPad lookalike your kids cant break!

The anaPad shares the dimensions of the Apple iPad to make another fantastic but less fragile creative learning tablet for small hands and laps. This wooden children’s toy comes complete with an erasable whiteboard marker and app-style magnets that children will love to move about the anaPad surface.

Get your anaPad from Twigcreative for US$35. Shipping to Australia will set you back US$18, but just think – you won’t need to buy a car charger or any iTunes cards.

(via Design Milk)

anaPad 3 Meet the wooden iPad lookalike your kids cant break!


  1. Considering my 3yr old was trying to work our portable dvd player with her fingers there is no way this would fool her lol

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  2. This is pretty cute, and I don’t think it’s about ‘fooling’ kids, it’s just giving them a nice little basic toy to play with – an antidote to the real thing, I suppose.
    We’re having an Asus tablet delivered soon (waiting, waiting), but I’m not too keen on my 2 year old playing with it. I’ve actually been wistfully thinking of making a basic wooden computer for him to pretend with, so it’s funny that this post popped up – it’s given me some ideas!

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  3. I think everyone has missed the whole point – it’s a toy to inspire a bit of creativity that happens to be a model of an ipad. Kids all love the ipad – this is for their level – just for fun!

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  4. I like the magnets but i think my kids would like it more if they were just animals for something other than ipad icons as they would get quickly bored once they realize when they press on the magnet nothing happens.

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  5. Super cute- and I think all kids who like to draw would love this.

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