Create clever urban sprawl with Cubiciti wooden blocks

Think you can’t fit a square block into a round hole? You can with Cubiciti. 

Children will create the most beautiful of towns and cities using these unique wooden block sets from Cubiciti that are handmade in the United States.

This gorgeous modular system includes a variety of blocks in varying shapes, colours and patterns that snap into a plastic base plate to form a cityscape.

Each Cubiciti block measures two and a half centimetres square so they’re recommended for block enthusiasts aged four and over. Cubiciti grows with your child, with sets able to join together via connecting base plates, turning your rural city into a bustling metropolis!

Cubiciti starter sets are priced from US$79 and include thirty-six blocks, two cars and a base plate. Extra trees and buildings are available to purchase as add-on sets from US$15.

(via Inhabitots)

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