Crayons good enough to eat

How many times have you asked your kids not to eat their crayons? Me too. So what would you think of a crayon they can actually eat? Me too! That’s why I am in all sorts of awe at these stunning and completely edible crayons from Luxirare.

A staggering work of absolute mouth-watering genius, the crayons are made with a host of delicious dried fruits and vegies along with marshmallows and other munchable tidbits. Ingredients for each individual crayon vary, depending on the colour.

So the brown crayon has almonds and wild sesame, yellow contains dried bananas, cornflakes and peanuts, green has dried kiwi fruit, pumpkin seeds and beans while the red ones are chock-full of goji berries.

We’re sorry to say you can’t actually buy these crayons but you can try making them at home if you can get your hands on a crayon mould. There’s no need to stick with Luxirare’s ingredients (peanut allergy, anyone?) so feel free to experiment with your own colour and flavour combinations. We’d love to know how you go.

I just might tackle this one myself one rainy day this winter. Though if I hand them over to my kids, I‘m pretty sure they won’t last long enough to be used for any actual drawing!

(via Inhabitots)


  1. Do you think little toddlers may think, after playing/eating one of these, that all crayons may be edible?

    Not that it matters to my little one – she things EVERYTHING is edible.

    Maybe someone will be kind enough to make everything edible in the house…….imagine no cooking, no chipped teeth, no stopping the little ones from their edible adventures!

    *snaps from her dream and quickly goes back to stopping her 2 year old from eating the playdoh*

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  2. I think these edible crayons send the wrong message. I’ve been trying to teach my little one not to eat crayons, or chalk or anything like that, but this encourages them too. I think kids would be confused when you turn around and tell them that they CAN eat crayons.

    Not a good product in my opinion. But then you probably won’t post this response as it’s not a positive one, but I believe in only promoting good quality toys to your readers.

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  3. We are happy to post comments, positive and negative as everyone’s opinion is valuable and we want our readers to feel they can voice an opinion if they want to.

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  4. I’d love to get my hands on some of these edible crayons! there are some children you just can’t stop from putting things in their mouth, so I’d rather it be something that won’t harm them (except possibly the ones with nuts in them!). It’s not that we’d encourage them to eat them, just that if they did, they wouldn’t be eating gross plastic….

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