Be quick on the swing uptake with UpSwing

Heading out the door? Grab the nappy bag and the portable swing.

A few months ago I wrote about a guerrilla swing project – one of those posts I thought about long after it was written and published. I see spots for ‘guerrilla swings’ everywhere (much to the horror of my law-abiding husband who sees guerrilla swings as potential public liabilities!).

So with swinging opportunities all around, no wonder the UpSwing  by industrial designer Kevin Shay caught my eye.

The UpSwing is a portable swing and consists of a smart canvas seat and all of the necessary ropes and hooks you’ll need to string it up over a tree branch or the struts under a pier (a la the guerrilla swing project). The clever design hangs from a single point, removing the issue of getting the swing level.

Simple swing fun to be had anywhere and everywhere. Freeway underpass with inviting concrete beams near my house – you’re on notice!

(via Gizmodo)


  1. are they available?

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  2. are these available in australia?

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  3. Great idea!

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  4. I was going to ask the same thing. Where can I buy one?

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