wooden toys

  1. Etsy find of the day – wooden stacking blocks

    These baby blocks are handmade from light coloured pine and are the perfect size for little hands. Hand sanded so there are no rough edges, the blocks can have a basic geometric triangle painted on one half, and be personalised with a letter or a picture of

  2. Tegu – classic wooden blocks for the future

    The best, longest-lasting toys are the ones that only need imagination to power them. Kids don’t want to follow instructions or to be constrained by rules. They just want materials interesting enough to inspire, and simple enough that they don’t get in the way.

  3. Top five Etsy finds in October

    We know the dilemma. You’d like to track down the cutest, most original gifts for a newborn or would love to fill your home with delightful handmade goodies, but have no idea where to find them? Well, we are here to help. We hope you

  4. Etsy find of the day – modern wooden rocking horse

    A modern, wooden toy for kids that is eco-friendly? Found it! This rocking horse has a unique design and helps to develop the muscle strength and the sense of balance in toddlers. It’s made by hand from beech wood and birch plywood and painted with non-toxic paint. $157