1. Libby’s five favourite posts

    One of the awesome things about working at Babyology is the chance to discover amazing new products before everyone else. This may not be great for the bank account, and in fact, a quick look back at the past twelve months has reminded me of the

  2. Leone & Me – not your nana’s knitting

    Gone are the days when announcing your pregnancy meant every friend and relative would get out their knitting needles or sewing machine to handmake gifts. A few stalwarts of the crafting tradition are left – a young auntie who makes trendy chevron quilts, a surprisingly modern

  3. Poco Nido Mini Shoes for our mini peeps

    Tired of chasing odd socks that have wriggled themselves free but your tot is too tiny for shoes? Mini Shoes from Poco Nido are coming to the rescue – they’re more than sock, but less restrictive than a shoe – they’re the perfect option for