1. Easy raspberry jelly slice recipe

    I won’t lie, I enjoy a piece of jelly slice any time of the year, I am after all, only human. That being said, nothing says summer quite like a tray of these sweet squares with their fancy pants layers of biscuit and jelly. Jump

  2. Budget friendly curried sausages recipe

    For a budget friendly dinner, you can’t go past sausages. A great way to tizzy them up is to turn them into a lip-smackingly-good curry. Packed with flavours both mild and sweet, come see how we make this family favourite!

  3. Festive silly putty recipe

    School’s out and it’s time to have some festive fun! Try this slimy silly putty recipe on for size, there’s lots of fun to be had in both making it and playing with it!

  4. No fuss rock cake recipe

    If it’s a no fuss, no faffing about cake you’re looking to whip up at a moment’s notice for the kids’ lunch boxes – you need to try your hand at rock cakes!

  5. Tuna mornay pots recipe

    An oldie but a goody and a staple in my childhood diet, this is one dinner I trot out for my own kids every now and then. Quick to whip up and using pantry ingredients, it’s always well received by the younger set. Winner winner,

  6. Two ingredient strawberry ice block recipe

    As summer sets in, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a icy cold sweet treat at the end of a long, hot day. And the kids tell me they feel the same way. Considering an ice block from the freezer quickly becomes less of an


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