1. Create a stunning gallery with Printspace art prints

    I’ve always loved pretty prints but all too often they’re not within my modest budget constraints, especially when the cost of framing is considered. Printspace however have pulled out all the stops and are fulfilling my pretty-prints-on-a-budget dream with their gallery of equally gorgeous and

  2. ‘Tis the season for fuss free designer decorating

    Truth be told I’m a complete Christmas tragic. I start planning and making lists about mid-year but surely I can’t be the only one? It’s never too early to start planning your festive decorations so join me and drool over this Designer Christmas wall decal

  3. Funky, inexpensive prints from Printspace

    Artists Mara and Nicholas Girling are a husband and wife team from Melbourne who run the gorgeous Printspace. They offer a selection of prints ranging from the charming to the funky. Mara’s work particularly features quirky hand drawn bird figures and fairytale imagery – I


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