Monkeytail and Wellington

  1. Pinna4Piper

    When an Etsy craftsperson lists their favourite material to work with as chenille, I know I’m on a winner. There’s lots of special chenille creations at Pinna4piper, as well as many other beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces made from an eclectic mix of vintage fabrics.

  2. Put some zakka into your life

      For the uninitiated, ‘zakka’ is Japanese for ‘many things’. Zakka is a design phenomenon that has influenced everything from tomato sauce bottles and sunglass cases to fabric patterns, art and film. But not everything that is kitschy and cute qualifies as zakka. To be

  3. Music to your ears

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against men dancing around in coloured skivvies, particularly when they are joined by seventies rock legends who make me feel like dancing…..but whether my car trip is two minutes or two hours, there is only so much hot

  4. What’s under my pillow?

    Combining ingenuity (the tooth certificate of record) and uniqueness (the silkscreened deposit bag) comes the Official Tooth Fairy Kit. Our lovely friends over at Polka Dot Bride brought this fabulous product to our attention. What a genius idea – a tooth fairy kit that brings


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