1. Back to School 2017 – tags and labels

    If there’s a golden rule for all new school parents, it must be to name everything. From pencils to shoes (yes, shoes!) you want everything that goes to school clearly named. No name, no return! Jump on through to find just how easy it is to label

  2. Back to School 2015 – name labels

    Having kids is synonymous with losing things. Multiply that a couple of hundred times in a school setting and you have a logistical nightmare where only the labelled survive. Don’t spend your year scavenging through the lost property box, plan ahead with name labels for

  3. Back to School 2014 – name labels

    It’s the one thing that is drilled into every parent with a child of school age – label everything with your child’s name. Now, with that said, click on through for our guide on where to find a selection of awesome name labels!

  4. Back to School 2013 – name labels and stationery

    My ‘baby’ starts school this year. For the fourth (and last time), I will be going through the highly necessary process of labelling everything that moves. And doesn’t move. After lots of ‘first days’ I’ve also come to appreciate the importance of fabulous stationery –

  5. Back to School Guide – name labels

    When I started school there were two ways to label your stuff – the ‘fancy’ way which involved embroidered name tape that had to be stitched on (and had my mother cursing as she labelled uniforms the night before school started) or the normal way

  6. Own it with ultra cool name labels from Lalu

    The start of the school year has come and gone but it was only today that I got around to ordering name labels. One look at these beauties from Little Lalu and I knew they were exactly what I had been waiting for. The crew


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