kids clothing

  1. Finally, a Thomas & Friends clothing range for girls!

    It’s a revelation that surprises no one: girls like things boys like. And vice versa. Girls like climbing trees, catching bugs, playing in mud, and girls really like trains. Particularly Thomas the Tank Engine. How can anyone resist that earnest, disaster-prone little engine? In answer

  2. 5 dapper party outfits to dress up little boys

    A person might be forgiven for thinking that, in the party clothes department, boys are severely underrepresented. But a person would be wrong. Between the miniature bowties, tiny sports jackets and divine knits, the problem isn’t nothing to wear, it’s which outfit to wear.

  3. Top five Instagram posts in August

    If you tune into our Instagram feed, you’d have noticed August came and went in a flurry of beautiful squares including new spring fashion, inspiring decors and a whole lot of everyday style. Click on through to see a recap of our top five posts


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