kids clothing

  1. Start planning for summer 2015 with Mini Rodini’s latest kids’ clothing collection

    Do you need a pep up? Excellent. I’m here to help. The adorable spring/summer 2015 collection from Mini Rodini makes you think of holidays and sun, it makes you forget about this dreary winter and it most certainly puts a smile on your face. If

  2. Etsy find of the day – dinosaur hoodie

    Your toddler probably already makes as much noise as a dinosaur when they play. So why not let them dress like one as well. This dino hoodie is the cutest thing, with orange felt wool spikes handsewn onto a dark grey H&M hoodie. $45 from

  3. Pilar’s five favourite posts

    In another life, I was quite the clotheshorse, and actually I’m still the same pretty-dress-loving, handbag-collecting girl. I’m just waiting for my kids to grow up and quit smearing pasta sauce on me so I can go back to wearing silk again. It’ll happen right?

  4. Bubble London bursting with talent in 2015!

    We’re bursting with giddy excitement after treating ourselves to a spectacular showcase of talent for all things kids. What is this showcase, you ask? It’s Bubble London and just for something different, we’ve chosen ten brands that made their debut on this year’s Bubble London stage. Click on