1. Etsy find of the day – fairy garden miniature teepee

    It’s a tiny teepee perfect for fairies. Set this up in the garden or when you go camping to surprise the kids and provide hours of creative fun. Colourful bohemian fabric, tiny teepee poles, the crochet rug and flag bunting is all included in the set. $21

  2. Etsy find of the day – natural wood teething ring

    Simple and effective, this untreated maple wood teething ring is just the right size for your baby’s little hand and contains no removable parts. The Etsy shop that makes these has just been selected by Martha Stewart and a panel of judges as a finalist in the

  3. Etsy find of the day – wooden baby cloud gym

    A fun and modern activity gym for your bub that you won’t mind having in the lounge room. The handcrafted wooden gym is the perfect way for a baby to practise reaching and grasping skills, can be made in any colour and is shipped flat.

  4. Etsy find of the day – Sonny Angel wings dress

    No longer does your child’s Sonny Angel have to bare all – a tiny dress with angel wings can make it look cuter than ever before. These dainty little cotton dresses can be specially made in your choice of colours to match or clash with your angel’s headwear.

  5. Etsy find of the day – toy hobby horse

    Let kids go for a gallop around the lounge room on a Queensland-made hobby horse in designer fabric. There are customisable options including the applique design, flowers and choice of lace and the horse stands at one metre. $105 from Little Moo Designs.

  6. Top five Etsy finds in September

    You’re a stylishly practical bunch out there. We know it because your favourite Etsy finds last month were things to make your baby or home look the prettiest possible, mixed with a nifty little gadget to keep every child’s favourite rubber giraffe from a frightening fate