1. Dyson reveals its first ever humidifier… and it’s amazing!

    We already love them for their vacuums and no-blade fans. Now Dyson has released its first ever humidifier and, of course, it’s the most impressive humidifier we’ve ever seen.

  2. Roadtesting the Dyson DC54 Animal

    In our house, there’s no such thing as a vacuum cleaner. If there’s a spill that needs to be sorted or a mess that needs to managed, we get the Dyson. Even the kids can be heard calling for “the Dyson”. In our family, the

  3. Dyson DC59 Animal hands-on review

    For the last two years, the only vacuum cleaner in our house has been the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim , which was the first Dyson handheld to come with an extending wand, allowing you to use it like a full-size machine. It’s been going strong for

  4. The coolest fan

    When I was little, my mum would have a fit every time I went near our rotary fan. With blades turning and a safety grill that did nothing to protect little fingers, I can now appreciate why my mum was on high alert when the