1. Take a peek inside one of Melbourne’s most prestigious boarding schools

    If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind the doors of a prestigious private school, here’s your chance to peer over the wall. This boarding school for girls in South Yarra has redeveloped its junior building, transforming it from a 1970s box into an architectural masterpiece. Come

  2. Students create incredible industrial playground

    Kids will play with pretty much anything (and usually things they’re not supposed to). So a group of architecture students decided to take a bunch of an enticing, yet usually off-limits items for children, and fashion them into a playground. The result is all sorts

  3. A truly epic designer treehouse

    Do you love an old-school treehouse – a couple of planks of wood attached to a sturdy branch or two, with a tarp thrown over for good measure? Well, we’re about to blow your minds – because apparently this is what a modern day treehouse looks like.