1. Breastfeeding pods giving nursing mums privacy

    It may look like something more at home in a space station, but this pod is actually a cutting-edge lactation suite. Created by a mum duo, sick of breastfeeding and expressing in the most awkward of places, these breastfeeding pods are cropping up in shopping

  2. Etsy find of the day – breastfeeding burp cloth

    A burp cloth for any breastfeeding mother who knows the pain of a teething baby all too well. Printed with the message “don’t bite the boob that feeds you”, it’s made from an unbleached cotton cloth nappy. The print won’t crack, peel off, or scratch baby’s sensitive

  3. Top five Etsy finds in February

    We crammed a lot of handy Etsy finds into the second month of the year. There was something for every stage of life as a parent – from rustic baby shower decorations to celebrate an impending arrival to a photo journal for remembering that precious little face